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rear view of man driving car

Car Safety Features: Future and Present

Over the years, car safety features have become more and more sophisticated. And it’s a good thing too! Not only are our roads more crowded than they were when cars were first invented, but we travel faster too. Not to mention those long distance roadtrips.

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old man kissing black and white cat - how long cats live is a consideration for elderly people getting a cat

How Long Do Cats Live?

How long do cats live? Whether you’re looking to become a first time pet owner, want to adopt a cat, or are just toying with the idea of a feline friend, it’s an important question. A cat with an expected <10-year lifespan requires a vastly

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Cat teeth need some input to stay healthy.

Cat Teeth: Keeping Those Fangs Sparkly

Cat teeth stay clean by themselves, right? Erm, wrong. Sadly, where there are teeth, there is plaque, which is essentially a sticky film of bacteria. And yes, this bacteria clings to teeth for dear life, seeking out innovative ways to multiply and conquer. Which is

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This cat mum is learning how to speak cat.

How to Speak Cat and Be Understood

Have you ever wondered how to speak cat? Maybe you’re already fluent (in which case, spare a tip in the comments below). Or maybe you’ve been considering taking classes. For any proud cat parents, or cat parents to be, look no further. In this article,

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Vets Beyond Borders CEO Sally Colgan says her own dogs "have dog insurance".

Vets Beyond Borders: ‘Redefining Borders’

PD Insurance recently had the pleasure of chatting to Dr Sally Colgan, CEO of Vets Beyond Borders (VBB). Vets Beyond Borders is an Australian-based international animal charity that’s recognised globally for its invaluable work in animal welfare.   Established in 2003, Vets Beyond Borders partners

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white and tabby domestic cat being stroked under chin

How Domestic Cats Came to Exist

How did we come to have domestic cats? It’s an interesting question, and one we don’t have the complete answer to. Experts haven’t yet reached a conclusion that everyone can agree upon when it comes to exactly how cats evolved to become domesticated pets. Although

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This dog needs training to avoid a 'my dog bit me' scenario.

My Dog Bit Me: Next Steps to Take

My dog bit me! These are the words no dog parent wants to ever have to say. Sadly, it’s been known to happen, and it isn’t necessarily the ‘bad’ dog that bites. Even the most adoring dog might for a number of reasons. What helps

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How would you, like to proceed?