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2024 Easter Road Adventures: Big City, Beaches and Beyond


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From the Great Ocean Road to the big bustling cities, Australia is a world unto itself. An Easter road trip could take you to some of the farthest most breathtaking natural wonders or you could enjoy the enticing hum of city life. Whatever you choose, there’s likely good food, great coffee and fine wine (alcohol free or not) to complement.

As Australians, we live on one of the biggest countries but smallest continents on the planet. That means diverse landscapes, climates, topographies, flora and fauna.

People walking down a narrow Melbourne alley covered in graffiti during the start of an Easter road trip before setting out on the Great Ocean Road.

Start the Great Ocean Road trip in Melbourne

Australia is the smallest continent and one of the largest countries on Earth. Although this means lots of fun Easter road trip options, the 242 km Great Ocean Road trip is undoubtedly the most famous coastal drives.

Its majestic sea, forest and cliff-side landscapes are constantly being sculpted by the elements. What you see now might be different from what you see in a few years’ time.

Starting the Great Ocean Road trip in Melbourne is a great way to enjoy the splendour of city life before heading into open wilderness.

A pink sky over Melbourne city skyline at sunset, a perfect starting point for an Easter road trip.

Melbourne, one of the “best big cities on the planet”

While you’re in Melbourne, you could try out the best croissants the city has to offer, along with its noteworthy coffee. Of course, the city as a playground has many other tourist attractions… from laneway shopping at Degraves Street to market stalls at the Queen Victoria Market.

The Economist Intelligence Unit rates Melbourne number three of the Top 10 Cities to live in on the planet.

Just be sure to get a good night’s kip before starting out on your Easter road trip drive. You want to be fresh for to keep your defensive driving skills front of mind for regional and metro driving.

The Great Ocean Road winds next to the ocean, perfect for an Easter road trip.

Where does the Great Ocean Road start and finish?

The Great Ocean Road trip starts an hour and fifteen minutes outside of Melbourne, in Torquay, and finishes up in Allansford.


Torquay is the veritable surfers’ paradise. Every Easter the town hosts the Rip Curl Surf Competition. If you’re not up for the adrenaline rush, consider a family Easter egg hunt at Front Beach with its serene waters or take a Surf Coast Walk. This beautiful pathway connects two beaches and boasts lots of picnic spots.

Torquay was known as Spring Creek before being named after the small English town of Torquay in Devon. Find out more about the endless list of things to do in Torquay.


If you take the Great Ocean Road trip all the way to its culmination, you’ll land up in Allansford. Allansford is a town in the city of Warrnambool and is renowned for Cheese World and Museum and Hopkins Falls.

Cheese World and Museum is the ultimate heaven for cheese (and fudge) tasting as well as perusing the dairy-farm museum. The 90 metre wide Hopkins Falls has some of the most breathtaking scenery, creating a picture perfect picnic backdrop.

A majestic waterfall nestled in a lush tropical forest on an unforgettable easter road trip.

How many days do you need for the Great Ocean Road trip?

Some would say three days at the bare minimum. Depending on how you’ve arranged your Easter holiday road trip we’d say take as much time as you have available. Between Torquay and Allansford, there’s plenty to see and do.

Here are just a few must see stop offs:

The Great Otway Park

Your Easter road trip drive from Torquay to The Great Otway Park will take just under 2 hours. That is if you decide to drive without stop-offs, although there are plenty of tempting options along the way.

The Great Otway Park offers not one but several forested fantasies. You can zip line or walk along rainforest tree-top tours. This area also boasts the Triplet Falls, which you reach after trailing the cascades via raised walkways with a series of lookout points.

There are plenty of places to stay and, along with forested adventures, you’ll be able to do some mountain biking, wine tasting and coastal walks. Check out more options here.

Embark on The Great Easter Road Trip and discover the magnificent Twelve Apostles.

12 Apostles

In just under an hour of driving from the Great Otway Park (or four hours into the Great Ocean Road trip direct), you’ll arrive at Princetown. Here you can witness the golden glowing 12 Apostles.

Standing like giant limestone stalagmites rising in the sea just off the coastline, the 12 Apostles have been eroded, now leaving only seven. (Although there were originally only nine to begin with.) Carved from the shoreline cliffs over millennia by the ocean waters and winds, these statuesque rock stacks stand up to 45-metres high.

An Easter road trip sign points to an exciting Australian destination

Many more state by state Easter road trip destinations

While the Great Ocean Road Trip is our top choice for 2024, we’ve rounded up several options across the continent. Regardless of which state or territory you’re in we’ve got your Easter road trip options topped up.

Check out these options:

And for those who don’t want to leave lonely dogs and cats behind, check out these tips for Easter holiday road trips when travelling with dogs and cats! Along with these, also read about some great pet friendly accommodation options in WA.

A brown egg with green leaves tied around it for Easter

When is Easter 2024 (and why’s it always moving)?

Unlike Christmas or New Year’s Day, Easter holidays aren’t a set date, they follow the moon. That’s why the dates for Easter shift slightly each year. If you’re taking an Easter road trip this year, your holidays are from 29 March (Good Friday) to Monday 1 April (Easter Monday).

That gives you a good solid four-day break from work, school and other schedules.

3 road trip hacks for Easter and beyond

Since we’re planning the perfect Easter road trip, there’s no harm in adding a few small touches to the planning roster for that picture perfect outcome. Here are three added tips for that added sparkle:

  1. Driving holiday – how to plan a great family Easter trip
  2. 5 holiday road trip hacks everyone should know
  3. 10 ways to fight driver fatigue and have a great road trip

Also be sure to check your demerit points before heading off! Now for our final tip to complement that driving experience…

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Before you head out for the Great Ocean Road (or another yummy Easter road trip destination), click below and get a quote.

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