A golden retriever, the recipient of multiple Dog Chew Awards, happily chews on a bone in the lush green grass.

The 2024 Dog Chew Toy Awards


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Ready for our first ever dog chew toy awards? It’s the ultimate guide for all things chewable in the canine world – from Himalayan dog chews to well-known brands. This year, we’re digging in and sniffing out the best, the tastiest, and the most tail-waggingly good options out there for your furry friends.

From the longest lasting chews for those power chewers to the highest rated brands for the discerning doggo, we’ve got it all covered. Whether you have a tiny Terrier or a giant Great Dane, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something here that’ll keep those canine teeth happy and healthy. 🐾🦴🐶

A blue towel with dog toys and a teddy bear on it, featuring the Dog Chew Awards.

But first, a note on dog chews

Chews are a great way for your pup to get their munching energy out, especially since raw bones can be bad for them (read more on that here- Can Dogs Eat Bones? Raw, Cooked, Lamb, Chicken, Ham?).

However, not all chews are created equal. What’s safe for one dog might not be for another, with a lot depending on your dog’s size, chewing style, and even their tummy sensitivity. For example, some dogs can handle hard chews like antlers or bones, but others might crack a tooth on them. And some chews might be a bit rich for vulnerable stomachs, like with puppies or dogs with allergies.

So, before we pounce into this super fun guide – let’s talk a bit about dog chew safety. We wouldn’t be a responsible pet insurance site if we didn’t!

Here are some other factors to consider:


One big thing to watch out for is the size of the dog chew toy. You want to avoid anything small enough for your dog to swallow whole, as it can be a choking hazard or cause blockages. Best to read our article: Dog Choking and Ingestion Risks: How to Avoid Them.

That’s why it’s key to pick a size appropriate for your dog’s breed and size.


Another factor is the durability of the chew. Super hard chews can be risky for those enthusiastic chewers, leading to broken teeth or mouth injuries. For example, teething puppies are alll about the chewing but going with a hard chew toy for those growing oral structures isn’t the best idea (perhaps read our puppy teething guide?).

On the flip side, chews that are too soft can break apart and become a choking hazard.


Also, be cautious with rawhide. While dogs love them, they can sometimes cause blockages, especially if your dog tends to gulp down big pieces. Read our article titled Is Rawhide Bad for Dogs? for more on that.

With any chew, supervision is a good idea, especially if it’s a new type for your dog. Keep an eye on how they’re handling it – if they’re trying to break it apart or swallow large pieces, it might not be the best choice for them.

Now, without further ado …

A dog proudly displaying its favorite chew toy, a stick, in its mouth.

The most Googled dog chew in Australia

Himalayan dog chews are a unique kind of dog treat that’s been gaining a lot of popularity among dog owners. So, what’s the deal with these dog chew toys? Well, they originally come from an ancient recipe used by the people in the Himalayas. Pretty exotic, right?

These Himalayan dog chews are made from a really simple combination of ingredients, usually yak and cow milk, and sometimes a bit of salt and lime juice. Because they’re completely natural, they’re a big win for many pet parents who prefer giving their dogs more wholesome treats.

One of the best things about Himalayan dog chews is how long they last. These chews are super tough in the beginning, so your dog will spend ages gnawing away at them. They’re perfect for keeping dogs entertained and for maintaining good dental health, as the chewing action helps to clean their teeth.

As your dog chews on it, the chew gradually softens, releasing tiny bits that are safe and tasty to eat – a real treat for your four-legged friend! And don’t worry about artificial stuff – these chews are usually free from preservatives and chemicals, which is always a bonus. 🐕🏔️🦴

And its runner-up

Dogs chews made of coffee wood are a bit of a hidden gem in the dog chew toy world. It’s a pretty neat option for your furry mate, especially if you’re looking for something natural and a bit different from the usual chews.

Why the term coffee wood chews? They’re literally made from branches of coffee trees. Yep, the same trees that give us our beloved coffee beans! Once they’re no longer productive for coffee harvesting, instead of being discarded, their wood is turned into these awesome dog chews.

One of the coolest things about coffee wood chews is how durable they are. Like Himalayan dog chews, they’re very tough and long-lasting, making them perfect for dogs who love to chew. As your dog chews on them, the wood softens and frays, so there are no concerning sharp edges or splinters.

It’s like a chewable toothbrush for your dog, helping to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Another big plus is that they’re completely natural – no additives, preservatives, or artificial stuff. This is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs or for pet parents who prefer more organic options for their pets.

The brand that often gets heaps of praise from dog owners and vets alike is Greenies. Their super popular dental chews are not just great for a good chew but also ace for keeping your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh.

Greenies design their chews to be digestible, reducing the risk of any tummy troubles. Plus, they’ve different sizes to suit all sorts of dogs, from tiny tots to big, burly breeds.

Dog parents love them because they’re a healthy, tasty treat that pups just can’t seem to get enough of. If you’re on the hunt for a brand that’s all about dental health and a happy pooch, Greenies is top-notch!

Other top-rated dog chew toys

These highly popular dog chew brands in Australia each have their own unique offerings that keep tails wagging across the country:

  1. Kong – Famous for their ultra-durable rubber toys, perfect for aggressive chewers. They’re great for mental stimulation too, as you can stuff them with treats.
  2. Pedigree Dentastix – A best-seller for dental health, these chews have a unique X-shape and their design reduces tartar build-up.
  3. Nylabone – Known for a variety of chew toys and edible chews, they cater to different chew strengths and are great for dental health.
  4. Yak9 Chews – We’ve mentioned Himalayan dog chews, and here’s a brand that makes them. Made from Himalayan yak milk, these are natural, long-lasting chews that are great for dogs who love to gnaw.
  5. Blackdog – An Australian brand known for a wide range of natural chews, including pig ears, beef liver, and kangaroo sticks.
  6. Rogz – While more famous for their toys, Rogz offers a line of dog chew toys that are both fun and durable.
  7. Natural Pet Treats Australia – This company specialises in natural, Australian-sourced chews like bully sticks, kangaroo ribs, and beef tendons.
  8. SavourLife – An Australian brand that not only provides tasty and healthy chews but also donates a portion of profits to help rescue dogs.
  9. Barkworthies – Offering a variety of natural chews, including bully sticks, antlers, and cow ears, they’re a hit for their quality and natural ingredients.
A black and white dog enthusiastically chewing on a yellow toy.

Insurance for those too hard to chew times

Even the most vigilant owners can’t prevent the occasional injury, illness, or other health mishap. Which is where a dog insurance policy comes in.

That way, your mate can be checked out, diagnosed and treated without you feeling the pinch. And if you’re invested in your dog’s teeth, as you should be, then the PD Insurance Deluxe plan includes dental cover. Now that’s a reason to smile!

Why not take two minutes to get the quickest of quotes for your pet’s health protection?

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