Border Collie: Australia’s #5 Favourite Dog

This is the Border Collie, Australia's fifth favourite dog right now.

It’s official! The Border Collie is ranked #1 most intelligent dog in the world. A quick Google search and you’ll find many canine psychologists, dog experts and vets agree. Perhaps this is one reason why the Border Collie is Australia’s fifth favourite dog right now. Because the BC is such a firm favourite let’s look at more reasons … Read more

Dog Breeds: Australia’s Five Top Dogs

This Golden Retriever is one of Australia's most popular dog breeds.

Australians love all dog breeds, from Terriers and Toys to Spaniels and Shepherds. But as it turns out, there are some breeds we love the most (right now at least). We’re a nation of dog lovers, with an estimated 5.1 million dogs in our households. In this article, PD Insurance looks at the personalities of the five … Read more

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