Kids and dogs: Respecting Each Other’s Boundaries

Teaching dogs and kids how to respect each other’s boundaries is crucial to child safety.

‘Kids and dogs’ is a big keyphrase in the news these days. Dog bites continue to result in children being wounded, some scarred and even worse. Sadly, many of these kids may never experience the joy of one day having their own dog because of the painful memories. Situations like these can and obviously ought … Read more

Dog Bites Dog: Preventing Dog Aggression

If a dog doesn't know how to interpret another dog's body language it can be defensive and even bite.

A dog biting another dog is a common occurrence. We see it in the park, on social media and, in worst case scenarios, we see “Dog bites dog!” on the news. Therefore, it’s natural to want to make sure your dog is never bitten by another dog. And vice versa. There is a solution. To … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?