A Cat’s Purr – Decoding the Meaning Behind It

This cat’s purr is sign of happiness.

Cats purr for a myriad of reasons, from health to happiness. A contented purring cat on your lap will likely boost your mood too. There’s something so satisfying about that whirring propeller sound churning away. So, if you’re wondering what the meaning behind a cat’s purr is, we’ll tell you all. Grab your popcorn, make … Read more

Sleeping with Your Cat – It’s Mutually Beneficial

This women knows that sleeping with your cat has emotional and health benefits.

Sleeping with your cat or kitten can have enormous wellness benefits. But as with many parenting decisions, there are some drawbacks too. So, if you do decide to let your meow in bed with you when they’re still small, make sure it’s an informed decision. They won’t feel happy if you change your mind later… … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?