What Cat breed are You Discover Your Inner Cat

What Cat Breed Are You? Discover Your Inner Cat


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People often ask, “are you a cat person or a dog person?” But today, we’re delving even deeper, into the cat side of things that is. Today the question is what cat breed are you? And by that we mean if you were a cat, what would your cattitude be?

For instance, are you a workaholic, or do you like to shoot the breeze? Are you attentive, talkative and outgoing or sweet and shy?  

Let’s face it, you probably know what zodiac sign you are, and what your personality type is. But if you haven’t figured out what cat breed you are then let’s find out!

What cat breed are you out of these five felines?

OK, firstly, according to The International Cat Association (TICA), there are a whopping 71 cat breeds in total. We don’t have all day, and more importantly, neither do you. So we’ve selected five popular breeds. In this article, we’ve listed their character traits, career leanings, pet peeves and more.

Now let’s get down to business and find out which cat breed matches your personality.

1. Siamese cat

  • Build: Ballerina
  • Attitude: Elegant and engaged
  • Working style: Intellectual
  • Sociability: Loooovvvvve spending every waking moment with my peeps
  • Friendship: Devoted in every way
  • Loves: Chatting about all the latest gossip down to the fine details
  • Hates: Solo time
  • Health: Prone to food allergies

2. Persian cat

  • Build: Doll-faced, short n’ sweet
  • Attitude: Respect. My. space. No loud noises or boisterous playing in my ambit
  • Working style: Shoot the breeze
  • Sociability: Chilled
  • Friendship: Devoted
  • Loves: Sofas
  • Hates: When you rearrange their chilling spots
  • Health: Can have a tendency toward breathing issues

3. Maine Coon cat

  • Build: Body builder (think big!)
  • Attitude: Confident, engaged and laid back
  • Work style: Effortless energy, always ready to do great things
  • Sociability: Digs everyone across the species line (think kids, cats, dogs)
  • Friendship: Forever loyal
  • Loves: Learning tricks and getting called the “dog of the cat world”
  • Hates: Pretty much nothing bothers them   
  • Health: Need to safeguard against heart problems

4. Ragdoll cat

  • Build: Well, erm, ragdoll ????
  • Attitude: Endearing and adores those they’re close to
  • Work style: Casual but applied
  • Sociability: All in
  • Friendship: Committed
  • Loves: Companionship
  • Hates: Not being groomed
  • Health: Brush teeth well to avoid gum diseases and periodontitis

5. Burmese cat

  • Build: Stocky
  • Attitude: Brave
  • Work style: Applied and ready for any brief that lands on their desk
  • Sociability: Can’t bear to miss a moment with their bestie
  • Friendship: Deeply loyal to those they love
  • Loves: Snuggling and spending time together all the time
  • Hates: Being left alone
  • Health: Avoid diabetes through a healthy well portioned diet plan

Read more about different cat breeds and the friendliest cat breeds too. There’s a world of feline filled with cattitude!

Cat breed health

Cats are prone to many of the same health issues we humans face. From dental to diabetes (in dogs and cats) and pet obesity. Which is why it’s important to choose a cat insurance plan that suits your feline’s health needs. So you’ll be able to get them the medical attention they need when they need it. And your out of pocket costs will be significantly reduced as PD Insurance helps you pay those bills.

What cat breed are you? Over to you

Have you found out which one you are? Yes!? Tell us in the comments below.

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