According to The International Cat Association (TICA) there are 71 different kinds of felines.

7 Popular Cat Breeds and Their Pawsonalities (with Pics)


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Ever wondered how many different cat breeds there are? Keep wondering – it turns out the jury is still out on that (more on this below)! Whatever the verdict, in this blog post PD Insurance looks at seven different popular cat breeds, including the Maine Coon, Russian Blue, Norwegian Forest Cat and others.

Find out what makes each of these cat breeds unique and why they’re so popular. Here’s what you need to know about these fascinating cat personalities.

Are there 71 different cat breeds?

Before we dive into seven popular yet different cat breeds and their pawsonalities, how many cat breeds are there? It turns out there’s more than one answer and it could depending on which cat group you subscribe to…

According to The International Cat Association (TICA) there are 71 different cat breeds. The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) drops this number by nearly half, saying there are just 45. The Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) counts 49.

With so many different cat breeds, where to start?

According to Animal Medicines Australia, Australians are seriously big on our feline friends. We have about 4.9 million cats as pets. Whichever way you look at it, that’s a lot of feline personality. With so many different cat breeds, how can we get to know them all?

The answer: one paw at a time – let’s begin by looking at seven popular feline personalities from across the world.

Keen on becoming a cat mum or dad? Once you’ve read this, also read how to get ready to adopt a cat. And while on the topic, you might want to think about adopting an older cat to get them a second chance at a furever home!

Self-sufficient, good-natured, and warm-hearted, this British Short Hair cat is a wonderful pet.

1. British Shorthair cat pawsonality

Self-sufficient, good natured and warm-hearted. This is the reputation that precedes a British Shorthair. Though they’re more likely to sit next to you than on your lap, this easy-going feline won’t mind a cuddle. That’s why we’ve said they’re one of the best pets for kids.

With a calm temperament emanating from these wide-cheeked wonders, it’s no wonder this cat inspired the infamously chilled Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

Want to know more? Read seven top questions and answers on British Shorthair cats and kittens.

These Siamese meows are intelligent, athletic, and loyal.

2. Siamese cat pawsonality

Siamese cats were first bred in Siam (now known as Thailand) and are renowned for being intelligent, athletic, and loyal. Their gregarious temperament means they’re always willing to share an opinion and can keep the conversation going all day.

If you didn’t know it, Siamese kittens aren’t born with the breed’s distinctive deeper tones on their ears, face, paws and tail. Instead, they change colour as they grow! Read about black Siamese cats and other colour FAQ for the mysterious reason behind this metamorphosis.

Happy around people and other pets, Siamese love sitting on laps or snuggling under covers and do get sad if left alone. Here’s more on separation anxiety in pets and how to help.

This Persian cat's personality is quite different from that of the Norwegian forest cat, Maine coon cat or Russian blue cat.

3. Persian cat pawsonality

With its full, round face and flat teensy nose, the Persian cat’s cuteness is equally matched by its intelligence. Famed for being the parlour cat companion to Queen Victoria, the Persian cat first travelled to Europe in the 1600’s from Iran – then known as Persia.

This dignified and relaxed cat prefers to be in a calm and quiet environment and lurrrves being groomed. In fact, we listed Persians as some of the best pets for apartments.

Some people think Persian cats are one of the “ugly cat breeds” because of their flat noses. While that may not be fair to these cats, it’s worth knowing the flatter face makes them a brachycephalic breed, prone to obstructive airways syndrome.

Sadly, selective breeding has also resulted in a high prevalence of polycystic kidney disease. You might want to know that both our Classic and Deluxe cat insurance plans cover for hereditary conditions (after a waiting period passes).

This Calico cat's personality is quite different from that of the Norwegian forest cat, Maine coon cat or Russian blue cat.

4. Calico cat pawsonality

When it comes to different cat breeds, the Calico cat technically isn’t one! Although it’s often mistaken for a breed in its own right, any cat breed with a tricolour patterned coat is a Calico.

Calicos are often seen as a symbol of good luck in folklore history. In Maryland, the Calico cat is the state cat and in Japan the Calico Maneki-neko, or beckoning cat figure, brings good luck. Interestingly, the German word for a Calico is “Glückskatze”, which translates as “lucky cat!”

This Maine Coon is one of the friendliest felines in the world.

5. Maine Coon cat pawsonality

Known as the “gentle giant” the Maine Coon is the largest of the domestic cat breeds. They’re so big you can really envelop them in a generous, enthusiastic hug. 😸 This breed of feline is known for having above average intelligence. Seriously. In fact, some Maine Coon’s switch off lights and flush toilets by emulating people!

They’re a talkative and playful cat breed but despite being chill with kids, cats and dogs, they’re cautious around strangers. To sum it up, the Maine Coon is among some of the friendliest cat breeds around loved ones.

The origins of this Russian Blue cat are somewhat shrouded in mystery.

6. Russian Blue cat pawsonality

The Russian Blue cat, often referred to as the “Archangel Cat” or “Russian Blue Shorthair,” is a breed known for their distinctive appearance and captivating personality.

With their elegant, bluish-grey coat and striking green eyes, this feline breed has been capturing hearts around the world for centuries. It’s hard to say where exactly across the globe the Russian Blue cat came from. While it’s widely believed they hail from the Russian port city of Arkhangelsk, their exact ancestry remains uncertain.

Russian Blues may be somewhat shy around strangers, yet they form deep bonds with their owners and can be incredibly affectionate and loyal. They’re also exceptionally smart. As a matter of fact, they love puzzle toys and games that challenge their mental agility.

Their intelligence allows them to quickly learn tricks and respond to training, making them a whisker-twitching joy to have around.

With a well-muscled body, this Norwegian Forest feline is large and robust.

7. Norwegian Forest cat pawsonality

The Norwegian Forest Cat AKA “Wegies” for short, is a breed of domestic cat that hails from the rugged forests of Norway.

Norwegian Forest Cats are large and robust with well-muscled bodies, a strong bone structure and a magnificent semi-long fur coat. This luxuriously dense coat is designed for protection against harsh Nordic winters and is water-repellent.

Did you know? According to Norse mythology, Norwegian Forest Cats were beloved by the goddess, Freyja. In fact, some depictions show two of these felines pulling her chariot.

Wegies have an independent streak with a great affection for the outdoors. They enjoy the company of their human family members; however, they still value their moments of solitude and may retreat to a quiet corner when they need a break.

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Insurance for different cat (and dog) breeds

While each of these different cat breeds and their personalities make for great family pets, it’s important to remember every cat has its day. If your cat gets injured or is on heat, they can sometimes be aggressive and/or frustrated. This can result in neighbourhood prowling, fights with other cats and even damage to other people’s property.

PD Insurance’s award-winning cat insurance and dog insurance plans provide cover for unexpected vet visits. This includes accident cover and even third-party liability (which means coverage for damage to others’ property). Depending on the level of cover you choose, your pet (and pocket) will be safeguarded with dental and illness cover too. That’s a whole lotta goodness.

Consider what the famous writer and artist William S. Burroughs said: “Like all pure creatures, cats are practical.” Let’s follow suit with the pet insurance – click below to get one or more months of FREE!

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