Following grey nomad travel hints can mean you're on the road quicker

Grey Nomad Travel Hints – Part 2


Now you’ve read part one of our grey nomad travel hints and how-tos, you’ve thought through what needs to happen before you go. Excited?! We’re not jealous at all. Much.


Part two in our series focuses on the driving holiday itself. When you put all your planning in action. Onwards…


Grey Nomad Travel Hints and Tips

Over our lifetimes many of us don’t get to see and experience much of our beautiful, country.


Now you’ve decided to set off and experience it, there’s no need to rush. Get your pre-road prep right the first time around.


Pandemic Safe Planning

As you plan your route, check the latest advice on travel in and around your wishlist destinations. Being a responsible traveller isn’t just about safeguarding your own health – but the community as well.


Taking a flexible approach on the road can help you avoid disappointment if the pandemic forces you to change direction.


Here’s a list of the most current advice on lockdowns, border closures and restricted areas across the country:


Stay up to date with the recommended travel advice while you’re on the road as things can change quickly. Self-isolate if you’re feeling unwell. You have the time, use it wisely.


Risky Travel – Think About It

We recommend reconsidering your travel plans – or at least think longer and harder about every destination decision – if you fall into these ‘at risk’ categories:

  • 70 years old and over
  • 65 years and over with chronic medical conditions
  • Those with compromised immune systems
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the age of 50


And, regardless of who you are, be aware that if you need to get home quickly you may not be able to. Tens of thousands of people were stranded away from home when the as borders closed due to the pandemic.


A bit of consideration and planning will help you avoid this situation. You’ll need to consider:

  • how long you’ll be on the road
  • what options you have if you need to come home suddenly, and
  • what your life will look like when you’ve finished travelling.


Still keen to drive on? Read more on how to avoid COVID-19 while on the road.


Map Your Route Carefully

You’ve done your research, and know where you can and can’t travel due to the pandemic. You’ve a bucket list of destinations and everything is coming together. You may already be on the road while making plans for the next few weeks and months. Whoop!


You may have considered attractions you want to visit, but what about future fuel stops? Food? Or, if needed, access to a chemist or doctor? Do you have repeats on prescriptions or will you need to make detours (obviously avoid these, if possible)?


Consider if there might be any major events happening that might make accommodation or traveling difficult. Also consider whether any camping grounds are closed or roads are blocked.


grey nomad travel hints are best enjoyed as a couple


Technology is Your Friend

These helpful apps will make your life easier on the road. Just be sure to check your mobile data plan is adequate, so you don’t get stung with excess charges.

  • WikiCamps Australia has a huge database of low-cost campgrounds, caravan parks, hostels, amenities and points of interest. You can even save your route details to access offline.
  • Free Range Camping has a free basic option or paid membership that provides access to a database of over 10,000 camping spots, local businesses and community to connect with
  • Camps Australia Wide is a reasonably priced but paid app with an option to see which sites are pet friendly
  • AirCamp is a new app that allows you to search, view and book a campsite
  • CamperMate lets you book accommodation, rent campervans and RVs and shop outdoor gear
  • Fuel Map Australia will help you track your fuel consumption and find the cheapest fuel (handy as prices go up in outback Australia).


Stay Connected and Safe While Travelling

Internet and phone coverage in some regional parts of Australia is limited. Know where this is the case so you can check in with friends or family regularly if needed.


Let your loved ones know where you’re headed and when you expect to arrive, in case something goes wrong on your journey.


The perfect way to do this is through a private group message. Avoid announcing to the world you’re not at home (and your house is potentially vacant).


Make a list of emergency numbers, including roadside assistance and keep an offline copy with you at all times.


Protect Your Wheels and Hip Pocket

Car insurance is always important if you rely on your wheels to get around. But when you’re travelling it’s even more crucial. Think about what would happen otherwise if you cop a rock to your windscreen, end up in an accident with another car or hit an animal while driving.


You might be off the road for some time with a significant dent in your pocket. Having comprehensive insurance and roadside assistance with an insurer like PD will help you have a stress-less holiday.


Want further grey nomads travel hints to help yourself save pennies? Read this blog.


Over to You – Grey Nomad Travel Hints

Do you have any grey nomad travel hints and tips to share? Let us know below.


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