What You Need to Know About Kidney Disease in Dogs

A dog is sleeping on a wooden floor.

Kidney disease in dogs, also known as renal disease, is a topic that warrants thoughtful discussion and understanding. Why? It’s a potentially life-threatening condition that can affect our canine friends at various stages of their lives, often creeping up silently and unnoticed until it’s quite advanced. This article aims to shed light on this significant … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Your Puppy’s Deworming Schedule

This pet parent has done made sure to puppy proof before puppy came home for the first time.

Puppy worming… not exactly a topic we like to think about. But if you’re a proud new puppy parent or considering becoming one, it’s crucial not to overlook this less glamorous aspects of pet ownership. Dog deworming is a vital aspect of responsible pet parenting and your pup will thank you for it. In this … Read more

Archie the Labrador Swallows a Stone (and More!)

A labrador retriever is sitting in the grass.

Ever had your pet swallow something they shouldn’t, like when your dog eats a stone or a sock? Sometimes, it can have serious consequences – including causing intestinal blockages that can lead to even worse issues. Plenty of our customers have unfortunately experienced this and it’s something they’d never want a repeat of. Recent PD … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?