Car Organising Hacks to Change Your Life

We’d be lying if we said that the side of our car door has never acted as a temporary rubbish bin. If you too are the sort of person who always seems to have too much stuff for the space available, car organising hacks are what you need to get your car clutter-free.

We all need to keep some essentials in our car. Like lip balm, phone, handbag, water bottle, car manual (obvs) and maybe some tissues and charging cables. To name just a few things.

If you have kids, those essentials could include almost anything from four pairs of shoes to a bicycle to a cuddly teddy bear, depending on the day. Regardless, you can still keep everything clean and in place with some good car storage accessories and tricks.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to Marie Kondo your car!

Car organising hacks for every occasion

Whether you need some extra car storage room for all your stuff, or just want a place for everything (and everything in its place) there’s a solution for you. These clever car organising and storage tips and tricks will have your car looking Pinterest-worthy in no time at all. They’re all simple, cost-effective, and will leave you wondering why you didn’t think of that earlier.

From preventing the all-too-familiar grocery spillage to preventing coffee cup spills to keeping the kids entertained, we’ve got you covered with our best car organising hacks.

car organising hacks over the car seat

Car organising hacks for extra storage space

There’s a whole host of items made specially to help you store things in your car. Or rather, store them properly – not just on the floor. We think that investing in some good car storage is a car organising hack that really shouldn’t be overlooked. It might cost you a little bit in the short term, but it’ll save your sanity in the long run. And car storage devices are cheaper than therapy, we promise!

If you regularly have kids or dogs on the back seats, over-seat storage can be a lifesaver. There are a few different styles available but most of them go over the headrest and hang down the back of the seat, offering a few different pockets for key items. Use them to store wet wipes, snacks, sunglasses, bottles, toys, or whatever you find you and your backseat drivers reaching for most often.

Hanging boot organisers like this one are another great way to create more space in your car, but further to the back. Remember anything stored here won’t be accessible until you stop at your destination, of course. So too, the good ol’ roof pod. The mainstay of every lengthy Aussie family roadtrip.

car organising hacks like this boot organiser

Car organising hacks for groceries and supermarket trips

Nobody wants to retrieve stray tomatoes that’ve rolled all over the boot. Or get to your shopping bags to find your loaf of bread lopsided and sad from being crushed by a carton of milk that’s toppled over. Use a collapsible storage bin or a specialised boot organiser to divide grocery bags and keep them standing upright.

Your car boot and your groceries will thank you for it! As will your car’s carpet.

Another option is to clip on some climbing carabiners around the backseat headrests or even on an interior handle. These make really handy hooks for loose items that you don’t want rolling around or for easily breakable things. Use them to hang up (tied at the top) plastic bags of delicate items like bread or egg cartons.

Alternatively, use a sturdy reusable bag and a carabiner to hangs bags of items like bottles that might roll around otherwise. Oh, and they’re also good for things like umbrellas too!

car organising hacks like these carabiners are great

Car organising hacks for kids

Those shower baskets which seal onto your shower door are great for little ones on a long road trip. Fix one to a window and use it to store essentials for a drive, e.g. a pencil case, small water bottle, or some snacks.

Just be careful about where exactly you fix it, how high its ‘railings’ are, how heavy the contents are and what items you include. You don’t want it to pose danger to passengers (hello, flying missile) in a car accident.

Is part of your car clutter conundrum due to having an entire troop of little ones? You might find useful our tips on how to fit three car seats into the back seat (yes, three!).

And back to potential missiles, if your pooch regularly travels with you, read our ultimate guide to pet safety in cars.

car organising hacks like this plastic container

Car organising hacks to limit mess and litter

If you’re spending a lot of time on the road, sometimes you need to eat and drink. And with eating comes mess. We’re not sure how, but one meal seems to make at least three meals’ worth of rubbish.

Keeping a bin of some sort in your car can help to keep everything neat and clean, and then you can just empty it once a week or so. Some people just use a plastic bag attached to a headrest, but you can also use a plastic cereal container like this, which has a convenient hole for litter. Just make sure it’s secured down.

Just line it with a plastic bag for a makeshift bin. And it can be closed too. Fancy!

If you like to drink coffee, juice or other drinks in the car, another handy car organising hack to keep mess at a minimum is to get a couple of silicone cupcake holders. Pop them into your cupholders. That way, if anything leaks or spills you don’t have a sticky residue left all over your car.

It’s never a bad idea to keep a small stack of plastic bags in your car for shopping trips. Reuse where you can and help save the environment. You can also use them to bag up wet or muddy clothes, or just for emergency use. Rather than balling them up together, put a few in an empty Kleenex box for easy access without the clutter.

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Car organising hacks – over to you

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