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The 9 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Australia


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Australia is renowned for its stunning coastline and beautiful beaches. And what’s better than enjoying a day of sun and sand? Bringing along your furry friend, of course! Before you head out for the best of human + dog activities, though, it’s important to know whether the spot you’re eyeing is a dog friendly beach.

That’s why we’ve rounded up a list to get you in the know this holiday season. From Perth to Melbourne, we’ve got your canine companion covered. So grab the sunscreen (for pooch too – yes, your dog can get sunburn), a frisbee, and let’s hit the sand…

This is an image of an adorable dog lying on a dog friendly beach

#1 Dog friendly beach: South City Beach, Perth WA

Located on the glorious west coast of Australia, South City Beach Dog Beach in Perth is a true haven for both dogs and their human companions. With its pristine white sands and crystal-clear waters, this beach offers an idyllic setting for a day of play and relaxation.

The designated dog-friendly area here stretches over 1.2km, giving your furry friend ample space to run, fetch, and even make a few new canine pals. 

The shallow waters are perfect for a splash, and there are plenty of shaded spots for when the sun gets too hot. Plus, the beach is well-maintained, with waste disposal stations readily available to ensure a clean environment for everyone.

#2 Dog friendly beach: Rose Bay Beach, Sydney NSW

Sydney-siders are spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches, and Rose Bay Beach stands out as a top spot for dog lovers. Tucked away in the eastern suburbs, this hidden gem offers a peaceful retreat from the city buzz.

One of the things that makes Rose Bay Beach blissful is its calm, sheltered waters, making it ideal for dogs who aren’t big fans of the waves (basically, most dogs!). Speaking of water and waves, read how to keep your dog safe at the beach as well as some cat and dog water safety tips.

The off-leash area is clearly marked, providing a safe space for your pup to explore. Afterwards, head over to The Golden Sheaf – it’s only a few minutes’ drive away and has a fantastic covered dog friendly outdoor area. There’s even a dedicated pup menu for your pooch.

#3 Dog friendly beach: O’Sullivan Beach, Adelaide SA

Heading south to Adelaide, we find O’Sullivan Beach, a true paradise for water-loving canines. This beach boasts long stretches of golden sand, lapped by the gentle waves of Gulf St. Vincent.

The off-leash area here is generous, allowing dogs to roam freely and enjoy the sea breeze. The calm waters are perfect for a paddle and there are plenty of rock pools to explore. The locals are friendly, both the two-legged and four-legged varieties, making it a great place for socialising.

Adelaide has some awesome dog friendly activities. The yearly Follow My Lead Dog and Art Trail, for instance, is a 10-day event on Hutt Street designed for pet enthusiasts and proud canine guardians. It features dog-welcoming establishments along Hutt Street where you and your pup can enjoy culinary offerings, shopping, and entertainment.

Activities include complimentary pet cartoon portraits and the Hutt Street Dog Sign Art Trail, all set along the picturesque expanse of Hutt Street.

#4 Dog friendly beach: Mentone Beach, Mentone VIC

Venturing to Victoria, we find Mentone Beach, a charming spot nestled along Port Phillip Bay. This beach is a favourite among Melbourne’s dog parents and for good reason.

The off-leash area is conveniently located at the southern end of the beach, offering a safe and secure space for dogs to frolic. 

The shallow waters are ideal for a gentle dip, and there’s even a dog washing station available for when it’s time to head home. With nearby cafes and parks, Mentone Beach is the perfect destination for a full day out of dog activities.

4.	This is an image of dog owners walking their dog on Mentone Beach in Mentone.

#5 Dog friendly beach: Tallow Beach, Byron Bay NSW

Heading north to the iconic Byron Bay, we find Tallow Beach, a piece of canine paradise. Known for its unspoiled beauty and laid-back vibes, this beach offers a truly special experience for dogs and their owners.

Tallow Beach is an off-leash haven, where your furry friend can explore the wide, sandy shores to their heart’s content. 

The rolling waves make it a popular spot for surfers and the lively atmosphere is sure to keep pup entertained. Just be sure to pack some snacks and water, as you may find it hard to leave this slice of heaven!

#6 Dog friendly beach: Noosa Spit, Noosa QLD

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is home to some of the most breathtaking Aus beaches and Noosa Spit Beach is no exception. Nestled on the Noosa River mouth, this beach provides a tranquil setting for a day of sun, sand, and play.

The designated off-leash area allows dogs to roam freely and the calm river waters are perfect for a refreshing swim. 

There are also plenty of shaded areas, making it an excellent choice for a hot summer day. You wouldn’t want your pup to get heat stroke in pets! Plus, the scenic walking paths provide a great opportunity for a leisurely stroll with your four-legged friend.

6.	This is an image of a beautiful dog sitting on Noosa Spit Beach in Noosa, Queensland.

#7 Dog friendly beach: Sirius Cove Reserve, Mosman NSW

Back in New South Wales, Sirius Cove Reserve in Mosman offers a picturesque retreat for dogs and their humans. Tucked away in a quiet bay, this beach provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The off-leash area is spacious, allowing dogs to explore the sandy shores and calm waters at their own pace. There are other dog activities, too – the surrounding bushland provides a scenic backdrop for a leisurely walk. There are even picnic facilities at this dog friendly beach if you fancy a snack with a view.

#8 Dog friendly beach: Casuarina Coastal Reserve, Darwin NT

Casuarina Coastal Reserve is a beautiful and popular natural area known for its stunning coastal landscapes, diverse wildlife, and outdoor recreational opportunities.

The Casuarina Beach Dog Park offers a vast off-leash area where your furry companions can roam freely. During low tide, the beach seems to stretch endlessly, providing ample space for dogs to play and explore. From the dog beach you can venture towards the magnificent Dripstone Cliffs, a rugged rock formation that creates a stunning backdrop for family photos.

After a morning of frolicking, head over to Cafe de la Plage – a dog-friendly café located right next to Casuarina Dog Park. They have an open grassy area where dogs can play, as well as beanbags and hammocks where you can relax with your furry friend.

#9 Dog friendly beach: Cosy Corner North and South, Bay of Fires TAS

The Bay of Fires in Tasmania is a stunning coastal area known for its pristine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and unique orange-hued lichen-covered rocks. It’s a popular destination for nature lovers and beach enthusiasts, including those with furry, four-legged companions.

Cosy Corner North and South are two of the beaches that allow dogs, however they need to be on a leash when you’re in the main picnic and camping areas. Once you hit the beach, your pup can usually run around off-leash, as long as they’re under control. Keep an eye out for any specific signage or local regulations, just to be sure.

There are many dog-friendly trails in the Bay of Fires area, ranging from easy to challenging. Some of the most popular include the Cape Tourville Trail, the Wineglass Bay Lookout Trail, and the Spiky Cape Trail.

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