A couple sits with their dogs alongside its Christmas gifts under the Christmas tree

2023 Aussie Dog Christmas Gift Guide


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Looking for the ultimate dog Christmas gifts to fill up those stockings? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve collated seven of the best dog toys and essentials to help them and you have a happy and safe festive season. We’ve made a shortlist of Christmas gifts for dogs – not just toys – to keep them cool, lean and having the time of their lives.

Look no further, it’s time to dig into the ultimate festive gift guide for dogs.

A woman decorates the Christmas tree with her trusted dog by her side

Should I get my dog a Christmas present?

While that’s entirely up to you, we’re sure your dog would be woofing excited to be included in the festive fun. Besides, if they have their own irresistible Christmas dog gifts they’re probably less likely to go sniffing, tasting and chewing on yours.

Whether you take the leap or not, we’re sure you’ll have fun skimming through the following cracking Christmas dog toys and other essentials.

What are good Christmas gifts for a dog?

There’s a wide selection of healthy, protective and fun dog gifts available in Australia today. Why not hit the trifecta? In fact, you could get those essentials you’ve been meaning to and choose slightly cuter or better quality options, doubling up your shopping as dog Christmas gifts and essentials.

For example, summer is hot, so we’ve rounded up some Christmas gifts for dogs that help them stay cool.

It’s also a time of overindulgence – which for dogs would be every day if they could choose – so we’ve selected some options to help them eat more slowly.

And, of course, there are options that simply provide fun entertainment.

Take a look at seven savvy dog Christmas gifts.

A dog treat that's shaped like a Christmas tree and made from dog safe ingredients

#1 Christmas dog treats

While everyone else is eating Christmas treats, spoil your pooch with a dog safe Christmas cookie, like the Personalised Xmas Tree from Golden Barkery. It’s big (11.5 x 8 cm), healthy (buckwheat flour, free-range eggs, and a dash of festive flair from turmeric, honey, vanilla and cinnamon) and shaped like a Christmas tree.

The dog-friendly icing is tinted with natural hues made from fruits and veggies and, best of all, you can have it personalised with your pup’s name. If you’re the Jamie Oliver sort, check out our festive recipes for dogs further down.

Dogs dress up with dog booties to protect their paw pads from hot summer surfaces

#2 Dog hot weather socks

Summer pavements, beach sand and tar surfaces could burn your pup’s paws. That’s why dog booties make it into our dog Christmas gifts guide. Not only do booties look adorable – seriously, take another look at the above photo 😍 – but it means your dog can walk wherever you walk without getting blistered, swollen paw pads.

We love the breathable WagWear Dog Boots that come in orange, blue, green, pink and black.

These dog lick mats are fun Christmas feeding toys because they entertain and feed your dog at the same time

#3 Dog lick mat

Paws down, a dog lick mat is one of our firm favourites. Not only does it cater to your dog’s desire for food but it actually helps slow down their eating. Now that’s what you call two birds with one stone.

Get a flat mat that suctions to the floor (or wall) or get a splash avoiding bowl instead. These innovative food mats have little grooves that trap the food so your dog has to work that much harder to finish it off. Spread wet food (canned and cooked food, or xylitol free peanut butter) over it and let your dog lap it up, slowly.

We like the LICKIMAT® SLOMO™ made from non-toxic food grade materials that’s dishwasher safe to boot.

A patterned pet cooling mat is a great present for your dog Christmas gifts list

#4 Pet cooling mat

We love pet cooling mats and so do pets because they keep them cool on hot days! The wonders of a pet cooling mat is they can fold up, wipe down and go wherever you need them. These are a must-have for your list of Christmas gifts for dogs because they’re useful at home, during car trips and out and about.

We like the PaWz Pet Cooling Mat because it comes in multiple sizes, is non-toxic and looks awesome.

a small dog wears a dog life jacket on a boat trip

#5 Dog life jacket

We love dog Christmas gifts that say, “I love you” and “I want to keep you safe”. What could be more fitting than a dog life jacket! It means you’re planning for fun in the water with fewer worries. We can’t get past the Surf Dog Australia life jacket that comes in six sizes and four colours. It’s made in a factory that makes Navy life jackets too and comes with an enclosed rescue lifting harness, padded no-slip chest panels and flotation support under the chest.

Read more tips on how to keep your dog safe at the beach.

A dog plays with a pet puzzle feeder toy

#6 Puzzle treat toy

This puzzle feeder is a fantastic Christmas dog toy, offering both mental stimulation and hours of entertainment. What a bonus – a toy that feeds your dog while preventing them from eating too much and using their innate foraging skills.

Mog and Bone’s Puzzle Feeder Dog Toy lets you serve them kibble bit by bit. This innovative puzzle toy, which comes in blue or green, could help keep your pup at their ideal pet body condition.

A picks up his dog to give it a big Christmas hug, feeling happy that it has pet insurance to keep it safeguarded

#7 Dog insurance

As we wrap up our list of top-notch dog Christmas presents, there’s one essential gift you won’t want to overlook: dog insurance! From covering mishaps like swallowing decorations to addressing unexpected food poisoning from festive treats, having insurance is a no-regrets decision.

Beyond accidental ingestion, it also safeguards your furry friend against a range of issues spanning from illnesses to dental concerns. It simply depends on the level of cover you choose. Don’t miss out on the peace of mind that comes with ensuring your pet’s well-being throughout the holiday season and beyond!

Read our 12 reasons to get pet health insurance before Christmas.

What can I do for my dog on Christmas Day?

It’s Christmas day and you want to make it extra special for both you and pooch. Beyond Christmas dog toys, there can be lots to look forward to. Here are some great ideas for the kitchen and beyond:

Also be sure to read about Christmas Dangers for Pets. It’s always valuable to know what not to have lying around this festive season as the last thing you’d want is for your darling dog to eat something toxic during the festivities.

A woman celebrates Christmas with her cat

Christmas presents for cats and dogs

For all the cat mums and dads out there, here’s a list of Christmas toys and other presents for cats and dogs:

As you shop for the perfect cat and dog Christmas gifts, remember the gift of pet insurance. It’s a gift that’s also for you. PD Pet Insurance helps pay for vet visits for accidents, illness, dental and more (depending on your level of cover). That means you gain peace of mind knowing you won’t be along paying those bills.

Because vet bills can be expensive, pet plans are an investment that give your pet and pocket a soft landing. Discover our cat insurance and dog insurance; you’ll get one or more months of FREE insurance when you buy online.

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