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Fun Easter Costume Ideas for Your Pup


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With Easter so close we can smell the chocolate, we’re rounding up some of our favourite Easter costumes for dogs. After all, there’s no reason bunnies should get aaall the fun!

Dressing up is a highly entertaining way to enjoy the holidays, and if you have kids they’re sure to get involved in the planning. Plus, it’s also a great excuse to get some amazing pet pictures you can keep as mementos for years to come.

Most pets don’t mind dress ups, but you know your furkid best. If Easter costumes upset your dog, perhaps it’s best just to snap a picture and photoshop on a pair of ears. Aside from the potential embarrassment of being dressed up(!), keep an eye out for signs of overheating, choking, and physical discomfort.

But for the most part, your dog will hopefully happily dress up in a fancy Easter outfit. Especially if you reward them with a treat or cuddle time. A little bribery never hurt anyone…

An egg-cellent chick hat

Schnitzel Knits handmakes super cute Easter costumes for dogs. This knitted hat is perfect for a small to medium pup, we reckon – imagine an adorable little Scottie dressed up as an Easter chick! There’s also a pair of bunny ears, as you can see:

Image: @schnitzelknits_dog_clothes_ Instagram

And if your dog is less baby chick and more full grown chicken, we’ve got that covered too.

Bunny-themed Easter costumes for dogs

Ok, an Easter costume roundup for dogs simply wouldn’t be complete without some rabbit paraphernalia. Aside from the bunny ears from Schitnzel Knits above, there’s also something for the crafty and creative type.

Creeksendinc provides a pattern for dedicated pet (and Easter) lovers to knit their own costumes. Best part? You can customise it to your dog’s size and the colour that makes their coat pop!

Toy dog in blue and orange knitted Easter bunny ears costumer

Image: Creeksendinc

Buuuuut, we don’t all have knitting skills. So if you’d prefer to buy a bunny-themed readymade Easter costume for dogs, Elegantpet1 has a cute pair of bunny ears on a headband. And you can also get them from Doggytopia or Amazon (complete with bandana too).

golden retriever dog in Easter bunny costume ears against blue background

Smarten up with a formal costume this Easter

We’ll never say no to a cutesy Easter costume for dogs, but maybe you’re thinking more along the lines of fancy. Like if your dog was invited for a black tie dinner or a formal wedding. Where they’d be the guest of honour, of course. This might be a bit more elegant than kitsch, but your dog will still look adorable.

Smoochy Poochy has a variety of tuxedos and dresses for dogs, whether you’re wanting a pretty in pink princess gown or a dapper bow tie look. And FashionHoundz even has a full-on suit with pants.

Or, if your Easter costume for your dog is going to be less obvious, you could tone it down a little with a cute coloured bow tie. At least that way you know your pup won’t be getting too hot in the Aussie sun.

Are you the pet parent to a cat, too? Check out these Meow-nificant Easter Costumes For Cats!

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Easter safety watch

We know this is a fun piece but we’re still safety conscious… Aside from the possible hazards of Easter costumes for dogs, there are just one or two other things to watch out for this Easter. Like understanding why chocolate is toxic to dogs and knowing if cats eat chocolate they’ll probably get sick from it.

Whether you’re staying home for the long weekend or planning a fabulous getaway (in which case, check out our Easter holiday roadtrip tips and our dog friendly camping guide), you can safeguard your pet’s health with a dog insurance policy.

Our PD Insurance ‘bundle and save’ deals mean you’re eligible for discounts if you insure more than one pet. Plus you’ll score one or more months free if you sign up online. So why not get a policy for cats too?

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