A snuggle with kitty is awesome but you might need tips on how to remove cat fur from clothes afterwards.

How to Remove Pet Fur Off Clothes and Furniture


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You love your pets 💖– enough that you’ve looked into pet insurance, right? – but find their fur all over your clothes and furniture. Are you ready for these quick fixes to finally remove that pet fur from your wardrobe, furniture, surfaces, and floors? Here’s how to remove pet fur off clothes and furniture, as well as tips like how to remove cat fur from clothes and on how to remove dog fur from carpets…

Remove this pet fur off of your furniture with our tips.

Top tips to remove pet fur off clothes and furniture

Our furry pets are well worth the effort we put into parenting them, partly because they love us unconditionally in return. They’re so good at snuggling up to us that we let them sleep in our beds, relax on the couches, and rub up against our clothes…

So, it doesn’t take long for everything to be covered in pet fur. And getting rid of pet fur on clothing and furniture isn’t quite as easy as throwing everything in the washing machine.

Here are our top tips on removing cat fur off of clothes and dog fur off of carpets:

Vinegar wash

Clothes and linen:  Add ½ cup of white vinegar to your next laundry load. This will dislodge the hairs and make it easier for them to come off. Then try the following details in this video. Anything else you usually throw in the washing machine will benefit from this too!

Dry sponge bath

Run a dry sponge along your jacket or trousers to easily lift light hairs. Same goes for furniture, floors and other surfaces, though the damp duster (next step) will likely yield a better result here.

Damp duster

Run a slightly wet duster cloth along hairy clothes or cushions. The moist surface will help to lift the little hairs like a genie. This works on flooring, furniture and so on, too. You can also prevent pet fur from gathering in the first place with our hacks for pet proofing your home.

Tip: wring out the duster first to avoid drips and dribbles.

This fluffy Pomeranian looks so cute but removing its dog fur from the carpet can be pretty daunting.

Rubber gloves for pet fur problems

Rubber gloves have so many uses and getting cat fur off your clothes is one of them. Run your gloved hands along the offending surface and see those little hairs lift. Get your primary school scientist on with the static energy!

Using a rubber glove to remove pet hair from bedding, linens, and towels should be your go-to trick. You can also dampen it with water before running your hand over the sheet or blanket. You’ll notice that the hair will cling to the glove, and you can easily gather the hair and then throw it away.

DIY-style lint remover

When you want to remove dog fur from a carpet or your cat’s fur from clothes there’s no need to invest in an expensive contraption that might break. The affordable version is so easy, you can do it in a minute or less.

Wrap packaging tape, sticky side out, around your four fingers a few times (so that it loops around and sticks to itself). Then run your taped hands along the soiled surface. Works nicely on dust as well.

Tip: don’t wrap the tape too tight that you can’t slip your paws out of it!

Microfibre those tiny slivers

While every surface responds to the law of pets first, we are glad to inform you that non-upholstered surfaces also respond well to the laws of physics. Run a microfibre cloth along a hair-soiled surface to see them rise to the occasion.

For stairways, always begin at the top of the stair and focus on wiping pet hair out of the corners, repositioning your wipe as you work your way down so that a clean portion is ready to grab more pet hair and dust.

Pumice that pesky pet fur

Want to remove dog fur from car, carpets or other upholstery? Gently run a pumice stone with fine perforations along your upholstery to dislodge stubborn hairs. Avoid pleather, plastic, and leather surfaces, of course.

This sleepy dog rests on a fluffy carpet that its pawrent will have to clean sooner or later.

Rubber broom that wooden floor

It’s not only your clothes, is it? Everything seems covered in fur, hairs, dust…. help! Turns out, hardwood surfaces respond really well to the effects of a rubber broom. A bonus is you get a bit of a workout at the same time. No hidden costs, either.

Baking soda sprinkles

Everybody’s favourite home cleaning additive, this clever powder also helps loosen hairs on the carpet. Sprinkle widely before you vacuum for dramatically better results.

Vacuum pet fur from carpets and upholstered furniture

When it comes to carpets, vacuuming is the most effective tool in your fight against pet fur. Vacuums remove dirt and grit particles that get ground in with every paw print, weakening the fibres of your carpet.

But to really get rid of carpet fur, vacuum your carpets weekly or more frequently and then go over that with a specialised pet hair-specific brush. Also giving your carpets (and rugs) a deep clean a few times a year will eliminate any stubborn pet hair build-up.

Check out these useful pet fur cleaning products

  1. KittyDoo PacPak pet hair remover – PacPak lint rollers for pet hair are ideal for removing pet hair from a range of surfaces such as sofas, carpets, beds, car seats and more.
  2. Reusable pet hair remover brush – Prevents re-washing of your laundry, which saves on detergent, water, and time.
  3. Self-cleaning slicker brush for dogs & cats – PetPull dog brush gently removes loose hair and eliminates tangles, knots, dander and trapped dirt from your pet’s coat.
With our tips, you can remove this Tabby's fur from a range of surfaces such as sofas, carpets, beds, car seats and more.

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