Aussie dog mum celebrates Pet Mother's Day with an outing and some gifts

Top Ways to Celebrate [Pet] Mother’s Day in Australia


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Wondering when is Mother’s Day in Australia and how to celebrate it best? Just as importantly, ask yourself whether there’s a Pet Mother’s Day too or if we need to double up celebrations. While there’s no separate Cat Mother’s Day (here’s to doubling up) there is a Dog Mum’s Day. Being internationally celebrated, it’s actually spelled Dog Mom’s Day but we’ll ignore that! So, let’s get those cat and dog mum gifts at the ready.

Whether the woman in your world is a hooman, cat mum or dog mum (or a combination) there are heaps of fun ways to celebrate. From tail-ored goodies to purrrfect places to go, we’ve rounded some up.

Here’s when and how to celebrate pet Mother’s Day in Australia.

cat mum celebrates Pet Mother's Day with her purring feline friend

When is [Pet] Mother’s Day in Australia?

Like Easter, the date for Mother’s Day shifts each year. Plus, depending on where in the world your compass aims, the day of the year it’s celebrated could be different. In Australia we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May – we follow the official date chosen by the United Nations.

This year Mother’s Day in Australia falls on Sunday 14 May 2023.

It may not strictly be called Pet Mother’s Day, but your pet is also your baby. If the mother in your life is a cat or dog mum there are oodles of ways you can celebrate and gifts you can give.

When is Cat Mother’s Day?

While strictly speaking there’s no standalone Cat Mum’s Day, there is National Cat Lady Day on 19 April. That said, why not enjoy Mother’s Day and rebrand it as Pet Mother’s Day for people and pets? We’re all for it!

Speaking of cat ladies, read our article that explores why people use the term ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ and why they’re really not crazy at all. Not unless being crazy about your cat counts. 😻

When is Dog Mum’s Day?

Now that we know when Mother’s Day is, what about Dog Mum’s Day (AKA Dog Mom’s Day)? As it happens, this auspicious date is set for the day before Mother’s Day. That means Dog Mum’s Day takes place every year on the second Saturday of May.

This year Dog Mum’s Day is on 13 May 2023.

Now you know when Mother’s Day is for people and pets. Let’s take a look at some fun celebrations and gifts for the cat mum or dog mum in your life.

dog mum uses her Pet Mother's Day dog gift brush to groom her canine bestie

Cat and dog mum gifts and ways to celebrate

Whether you’re a cat or dog mum Australia is packed with amazing ways to celebrate. Oh and super savvy cat and dog gifts of course.

Here’s a list of pawsome things to do and give our pet mothers this May:

💝 Sweep her off her feet to a pet friendly retreat

Why not celebrate pet mothers with a special trip to a pet friendly holiday destination? Our lovely country is dotted with endless heart-warming options. Here are a few we’ve picked out:

Before you head off, be sure to pet proof your car and read our top tips ready for travelling with pets.

💝 Take mum and her pet pal to a pet friendly café

Every cat and dog mum loves to put her hands around a cafe mug and indulge in a slice of banana bread (or similar) as much as the next. Pair this experience with something tasty on the menu for her canine or feline fur kid and it’s a match made in heaven.

To this end, we’ve rounded up eight pet friendly cafés in Australia to choose from. Check them out in our article on ways to pamper your pet.

sausage dog in a white swing look at the camera on Dog Mom's Day

💝 Get dog mum a gift

What could be better than a gift from a store called ‘The Dog Mum’? Based in Brisbane this online store sells ethically produced dog mum and dad gifts. We’re partial to the Paws Down Best Dog Mum Ever Classic T-Shirt, the Dog Mum Daily Planner and the Choose Your Breed Illustration Pyjama Set.

Another stellar set of dog mum gifts for this [Pet] Mother’s Day is personalised pet paraphernalia. From this gorgeous pup mug and hoodie, to stylish necklaces and rings. Just be sure to order ahead as you’ll need to supply pet photographs.

If the dog mum in your world is a fiendish reader perhaps she’ll delight in a paperback or Kindle edition of these cat and dog books.

💝 Get cat mum a gift

Say ‘Happy Mother’s Day from your cat/s’ to the mum of your world with a luxurious World’s Best Cat Mum pillowcase. We also love this Creation hoodie with a print of a person’s hand reaching out to a cat paw. For mums who enjoy wearing headgear, we can’t say no to a Best Cat Mom Ever trucker cap (ignoring the spelling, obvs). For the cat savvy driver mum, this Mother of Cats car decal wins our hearts.

Another great option is some furbulous pet technology. To help cat mum keep an eye on her special purrrrson.

Every day is Pet Mother’s Day

Now that you know when [Pet] Mother’s Day is perhaps the next question is how do you protect that status?

Another great gift you could give the mother in your life is the gift of safeguarding her pet. Pet insurance simplifies this by helping pay for unforeseen vet bills and other pet medical costs like prescribed medication, overnight stays at a vet hospital and surgery. No need to worry about affording the care it takes to keep puss or pooch healthy!

Get those four paws safe and sound by planning ahead with award winning pet insurance from PD. Click below today to start a quote.

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