Is PD Insurance Any Good for Car Insurance?

You need to make the right financial decisions, and car insurance is a big annual spending commitment. Choosing the right car insurer may mean hundreds of dollars’ difference in your premium, let alone after an accident. And that’s if you focus only on the figures, let alone everything else that counts. So, how do you choose the right insurance provider for you and your road warrior? ‘Is PD Insurance any good?’ you might be asking yourself.

Some simple suggestions for making the most suitable decision for you are:

  1. Research several car insurance providers – big and small, known and unknown, local and international
  2. Read the product disclosure statements – what exactly is covered by the insurance they offer, and under what circumstances?
  3. Compare the figures – discounts, policy pricing, excess/es, market value vs agreed value, etc
  4. Give PD Insurance a look-in

Let’s explore the last one because we (obviously) think PD is a top-notch insurance provider you should seriously consider!

What does PD mean in car insurance?

‘What is the PD meaning in car insurance’ is easily answered. PD Insurance means Preferred Drivers Insurance (for our pet insurance it stands for Pets Deserve Insurance). We have three types of car insurance for preferred drivers: comprehensive car insurance, third party fire and theft, and third party property damage.

Insurance providers like to work with customers who are lower risk, hence them being preferred. Some drivers are safer than others due to their age, gender, driving habits and other circumstances.

PD Insurance knows who we want as our Preferred Drivers and we give them great premiums.

We need to make sure we have enough bandwidth to provide top notch service to our customers, to settle claims quickly and easily, and to pay our quality employees to provide quality support. Fewer claims means greater satisfaction for everyone – us and you.

Speaking of greater customer satisfaction, PD Insurance now covers roadside assistance. So we can help you out right in your moment of need. Before we move onto helping you with your car insurance claim.

So… Is PD Insurance any good?

BOTTOM LINE: Yes. PD Insurance has become one of the most well-known car insurance providers in Australia – due to competitive low-cost rates, a terrific range of discounts and benefits, and a fair, fast claims service.

We’re an Australian insurance provider based locally, in Newcastle NSW. PD entered the car insurance market well over a decade ago to shake things up. We wanted to make car insurance simple and affordable via an online-focused approach. We knew online was important because it means greater efficiencies for us and lower premiums for customers.

Our online focus means you can buy and manage your policy, and begin the claim process, online. But if you want to call us, our knowledgeable Newcastle team is ready.

And because we have an inhouse customer service, plus we’re our own insurance underwriter (Pacific International Insurance), we can make claims decisions quickly and easily.

All these reasons are why our customers are so happy.  Is PD Insurance any good? Yes! More than you probably realise 😃

Girl answers yes to is PD Insurance any good

What discounts does PD Insurance have?

The flagship PD Insurance car insurance discount is our Exclusive Driver Discount, for customers who are the only driver of their car. People who don’t share their car are definitely Preferred Drivers.

Why? If you’re the only one at the wheel it’s probably better taken care and less likely to be in accidents.

Other great PD Insurance discounts are:

  • Claims Free Discount – if you’ve had no claims in the last five years
  • Early Shopper Discount – if you obtain a quote before your policy lapses
  • Paid In Full Discount – when you pay your annual premium upfront and on time

What sets PD insurance apart from all the rest?

Apart from everything mentioned above, our comprehensive car insurance has great perks some other insurance providers don’t offer.

Cover such as:

  1. Free windscreen damage repair – if the windscreen’s damaged in an incident that PD covers and can be repaired rather than replaced
  2. New for old car replacement – for a theft or total loss within 12 months of new car registration
  3. Emergency repairs worth up to $500 – for your car to be driven home after loss or damage in an incident
  4. Reasonable cost of towing and storage – when your vehicle’s damaged in an incident
  5. Removal of debris caused by an accident
  6. Up to $1,000 to replace or recode your vehicle’s keys or locks – if they’re stolen
  7. Lifetime Repair Guarantee on all PD Insurance authorised repairers

Plus, in addition to the roadside assistance mentioned earlier, we have optional extras like: Hire Car after an Incident (our comprehensive cover already includes hire car if yours is stolen), and Windscreen/Window Glass Replacement.

And our most popular optional extra – which is unique to PD Insurance – is the ‘Excess Buster’. If you take this up, when you need to pay an excess to have your car fixed or replaced we pay it instead (once per year)!

Yep, we’re pretty good. Take the time to get a quote online with us today.

And to be updated on all things motoring, visit our PD blog and follow our Facebook page.

Need more convincing?

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