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How to Celebrate National Cat Day in Australia


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National Cat Day happens every year on 29 October. For us cat parents, and others whose heart has an empty cat-shaped space, now is the time to celebrate our pink pawed loved ones.

Whether you’re spoiling yours with catnip toys, adopting a new furry BFF from a shelter, spending time thinking of loved ones lost or simply helping spread the word, let’s joyfully recognise this pawsome annual event. Read this article to find out how National Cat Day started and five ways you can celebrate in Australia.

What is National Cat Day?

National Cat Day was established in 2005 by Colleen Paige. Colleen is a writer, animal welfare advocate and conservationist. Besides being a pet parent to her own cats, she’s also done behavioural rehabilitation work with wild cats. Her mission is to use this campaign to help save millions of unwanted cats that are abandoned in shelters.

national cat day is a time to adopt or celebrate your cat

National Cat Day statistics in Australia

More than 200,000 cats and dogs are euthanised every year in Australia. Putting a pet to sleep can be humane when they’re terminally ill or in pain for which there is no relief. However, for the hundreds of thousands of cats in shelters, this isn’t the case. These are healthy cats who could thrive if given a happy home.

According to data, we Aussies are very much pet people… Animal Medicines Australia says there are 29 million pets in our country, while there are just 25 million hoomans! Why then, when we love them so much, do we as a nation end up letting so many cats and dogs die unnecessary deaths?

“Kittens are angels with whiskers.”

– Alexis Flora Hope

If you don’t know how terrible and alarming this situation really is, Yahoo News has published photos of animals destroyed in shelters. These photos show animals filling up an entire corridor, lying lifeless nose to paw. It’s evident these animals still had lots of life to live and didn’t deserve to die.

National Cat Day is a time to adopt rather than buy

How to celebrate National Cat Day in Australia

There are many ways you can celebrate your love of cats this National Cat Day. Here are five great ideas to make you, your cat (or cat to be) and the wider cat community happy on National Cat Day:

1. Avoid indiscriminate breeding

Cats can produce large litters within short intervals, which can quickly turn into population booms. If you’re a cat parent, consider what it means to spay and neuter your cats. If your heart is set on your own furkid producing a litter of kittens, be sure you’ve secured loving homes for the kittens.

2. Adopt, don’t shop

If you’re hoping to become a first time pet owner, consider adopting a cat instead of buying one from a breeder.

Cats can live for many years, so adopting an adult cat can lead to a long and enriching friendship. If your heart is set on a kitten, please don’t overlook shelters. Many animal organisations have kittens in need of homes too. However, spare a thought for the adult cats, who might be the ultimate companion yet often get overlooked.

If you visit a shelter you could discover your heart connects with an animal there. Cats and dogs are a lot like people – if given a second chance they’re usually eager and waiting to pour their heart into it. And if you do find the cat of your dreams, read about five things new kitten parents (and cat parents) need to know before bringing home a new feline friend.

3. Support a shelter

Maybe you’re not ready to adopt a cat, or you’re not in a position to. You can still show support in other ways. For example, volunteering or donating to a cat shelter. You can imagine how much work it takes to feed every cat and dog in a shelter and how much food is needed to make this happen each day.

Read our National Pet Day article to find out what shelters are most in need of.

4. Spoil your furkid

For cat parents, National Cat Day can be every day. However, you could always make this one day extra special by spoiling your cat. For example, he or she is the one ‘person’ who kept us company throughout lockdown, so why not properly celebrate the end of lockdown with them.

We’ve put together a guide with eight great ways to pamper your pet at home or out. Another way to spoil your cat is with one of these cat gifts (remember to use the discount mentioned for a PD Insurance discount on the Llama organic catnip toy!).

Still wondering what all the catnip fuss is about? Read ‘what does catnip do‘ to find out.

5. Get a cat insurance plan

Much like humans have health insurance, a cat insurance plan protects your cat. A pet plan means you can give your cat the healthcare needed in times of unexpected illness and injury. This is especially important when bills skyrocket on account of hospitalisation, tests, surgery, prescription medicine and other treatments. You’ll be able to act swiftly and without financial hesitation.

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