Exploring Different Breeds’ Traits for National Purebred Dog Day

PD Insurance member celebrate National Purebred Dog Day with her Border Collie

Many of us already know 1st May is International Workers’ Day, a day to celebrate the humans whose labour underpins our society. Did you know National Purebred Dog Day also falls on 1st May?!

It’s a time to celebrate the incredible dog breeds who’ve worked with humans and stood by our side through thick and thin. Each of the 221 breeds recognised by the Australian Kennel Council is bred for specific and unique traits that have helped humans survive and thrive.

Find out all about National Purebred Dog Day and just some of the heroic deeds purebred dog breeds are known for. It’s all in here…

How did National Purebred Dog Day start?

They say behind every good national day is a strong person… Or something like that! And this day is no different. The founder of National Purebred Dog Day is writer and dog lover, Susi Szeremy.

She planted and watered this epic date on the global calendar because of her love for purebred dogs and how they’ve helped shape the success of humans. Dogs and humans have co-evolved successfully, each helping the other species adapt and survive harsh conditions through the ages. Read about the history of dogs for more on this loving journey.

Then watch this video from Susi, who places special emphasis on the need for responsible ownership, and her dogs:

Dogs: More than just our best friends

Dogs are more than just humans’ best friend. They’re also our partners in science, security, and mental and physical well-being. We form such strong bonds with them we make them not only friends and colleagues but family too.

This is why we’re celebrating their breed traits for National Purebred Dog Day! To do this, we’ve put together a brief snapshot of just a few of the amazing feats certain purebred dog breeds are known for:

Labrador Retriever

National Purebred Dog Day celebrates this Labrador's work as an assistance dog

This breed is prized for its work as an assistance dog. Assistance dogs are accredited dogs that have public access rights because they help people with physical disabilities to function better in daily life.

This includes leading people who are blind, communicating for people who are deaf, doing tasks for people with paralysis and much more. Read about therapy animals and the physical benefits of having a dog here.

Border Collie

National Purebred Dog Day recognises the hard work this Border Collie does by herding

The Border Collie has been bred to help us herd with its amazing agility, stamina and intelligence. These guys can work all day helping farmers with keeping their livestock safe.

Besides helping us farm, Border Collies are also rescue dogs. They help find people after disasters. Like for example, people that are trapped under rubble after earthquakes. Yet another reason to celebrate the dependable breed traits this National Purebred Dog Day!

Saint Bernard

PD Insurance member celebrates National Purebred Dog Day with St Bernard

This huggable giant is known for his leading role in the Beethoven movie. But more importantly, he’s also known for being a stellar rescue dog.

The Saint Bernard is a dog that has been bred to rescue people lost in snow. People often get lost in the cold blizzards and can get trapped under snow and caught in avalanches. This dog has been bred to help locate lost souls and call *bark* for help.

German Shepherd

National Purebred Dog Day celebrates this German Shepherd injured in service

The German Shepherd is a loyal and committed family member that’s also famous for serving in the police force and helping keep our country safe.

Their expert sense of smell also means they can detect dangerous or illegal substances before people board an airplane, for example. Not only are they service (and rescue dogs) they’re also sniffer dogs.

National Purebred Dog Day heroes

Of course you also get fantastic dogs like the Pug who was always intended to keep our laps warm! 😊 And ex-ratter the French Bulldog does much the same these days.

As part of our dog education hub work, we’ve done a full overview of the seven dog groups all purebred dogs fall under. We’ve even included what each groups’ breed strengths and abilities are. Read all about it in our article on dog exercise.

Also check out more of Australia’s famous dogs (and how they’ve saved lives)!

Dog insurance for your star breed

There’s no denying that breeding for certain predictable traits has generated many special dog breeds. For National Purebred Dog Day, it’s also worth mentioning that breeding from within a limited gene pool leads to genetic health problems over time.

Whether you own (or plan to) a purebred dog or a bitzer, make sure you protect them with pet insurance to combat treatment costs involved in various health conditions. Besides, dog insurance protects against even more; it also helps pay for the cost of treatment for accidents, prescribed medicine and even surgery.

Safeguard your pocket and your pet for times of need with a quality and cost-effective pet plan. With PD Insurance it’s free for the first month (and more depending on your pet’s age)! Click below to start today.

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