6 Steps To Finding An Ethical Dog Breeder

litter of australian shepherd puppies from a dog breeder

Finding an ethical dog breeder can be a minefield. That’s not because they’re scarce – on the contrary, Australia has no shortage of professional, ethical, and caring breeders. The real problem lies with the less scrupulous breeders. Unfortunately, the increase in these “backyard breeders” and their increasingly smart marketing tactics means it’s getting harder to … Read more

How to Tell If a Dog is Purebred

purebred dog schnauzer close up of face

How to tell if a dog is purebred… it’s not as complicated as you may think but it does take insider knowledge. If you’ve observed the increase in pedigree pups bounding around you’ll understand why there’s a rise in related Google searches. Pet parents with purebred dogs sometimes think about it too, wondering if they … Read more

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How would you, like to proceed?