luna the cockapoo can do some amazing dog tricks

5 Amazing Dog Tricks to Inspire You in 2023


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Our blog is packed with interesting dog facts that will make you see your pup in a whole new light! 🐶 Click here to learn more: #PDPets #doglife ... See MoreSee Less
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You don’t have to be a pup parent to know there are some clever dogs out there! From Luna the Cockapoo doing math to acrobatic Border Collies, some pups are able to do amazing dog tricks. It’s all a reminder that they’re just as smart and awesome as we think they are.

For some feel-good inspo for 2023, check out these dogs below. It may even inspire you to teach your own fur kid some tricks? Just remember to always use positive reinforcement dog training! Remember that some dogs are cut out for tricks and others aren’t, and you should never force your dog to try do tricks if they’re not interested.

Now, without further ado…

little boy and jack russell dog doing tricks

#1 Luna the Cockapoo does math?

Meet Luna. She’s one popular pup and has a whopping 1.9 million fans on TikTok and over 203,000 followers on Instagram, making this clever dog a bona fide social media star.

Her latest trick had fans wowed as she appears to answer math questions posed by her pet parent, Jared. We’ll let you watch below and decide whether Luna the Cockapoo is really doing math, or just tapping Jared’s arm till she gets a reaction. Either way, it’s an amazing dog trick and we just love Luna!

#2 Amazing dog tricks from Chaser the Border Collie

No list of amazing dog tricks would be complete without mentioning Chaser the Border Collie, called by some the “Smartest Dog in the World.” Though Chaser is no longer with us, having passed away 23 July 2019 amongst loved ones in her US hometown, her amazing feats live on.

Chaser’s pet parent, Dr. John Pilley, managed to teach this clever dog the name of over 1,000 toys in her lifetime. He assigned different names to each toy, and then instructed her to bring him a specific one. Chaser got it right every time! She also understood categories. For instance, Dr. Pilley would ask her to get a ball, and then named a specific one.

“After learning a common noun, she learned groups of categories,” says Bianchi Pilley, Dr Pilley’s daughter. “She had 30 balls and she knew all of them by a proper noun and also by category. You could ask her to find another ball, and she knew adjectives like bigger, smaller, faster, and slower.”

Together, Dr. Pilley and Chaser changed what we know about dog intelligence using the power of play and positive reinforcement.

#3 Zoe the Border Collie

You may be unsurprised to see Border Collies being listed here again. They’re an exceptionally clever dog breed and absolutely thrive when their energy is funneled positively. In fact, the Border Collie is ranked #1 most intelligent dog in the world!

Zoe is a happy Polish pup that knows over 50 amazing dog tricks. Her pet parent, Alicia Zmyslowska is a professional dog trainer and photographer, and has been working with Zoe since she was a puppy, using positive reinforcement and clicker training techniques to teach her a wide variety of impressive tricks. Some of Zoe’s most popular tricks include playing dead, riding a skateboard, and even counting to ten with her paws.

Alicia created a beautiful video that shows off all of Zoe’s amazing skills. We love how agile and energetic Zoe is!

#4 Amazing dog tricks by Deril the Belgian Tervuren

Another particularly clever dog breed is the Belgian Tervuren.

They originated in Belgium and are one of four varieties of Belgian Shepherd, which also include the Groenendael, Malinois, and Laekenois. They’re highly intelligent, energetic, and trainable dogs that excel in a variety of activities, including obedience, agility, and herding.

Seven-year-old Tervuren, Deril, has wowed crowds around the world with his amazing dog tricks and fancy footwork at dog shows.We particularly loved this video of Deril performing at the Crufts Dog Show 2017 with his pet parent Lusy Imbergerova. The routine is so creative and Deril is simply amazing.

#5 Hero the Super Collie

Lucky number three for the Border Collie. Canadian pup Hero and his pet parent, Sara Carson, stole audience’s hearts back in 2012 when he appeared blowing bubbles on The Late Show with David Letterman.

In 2017, he placed fifth overall in America’s Got Talent. That same year he won the Super Collies Got Talent competition for his unique dance routine.

Sara isn’t your average dog trainer. She’s considered one of the top international trick dog trainers in North America today, and has even appeared alongside Hero in a theatrically released film called A Genie’s Tale. She uses positive reinforcement training and all her dogs have earned a multitude of working and sport titles for pursuits such as agility, dock diving, barn hunt and tricks. Talk about a pawsome team!

Top tips for dog training

Think you dog can master some training basics? These dog training articles will help them put their best paw forward:

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