a dog celebrates its first birthday (its dog age in human years is therefore 15)

Use This Chart to Check Your Dog’s Age in Human Years


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Our dog age calculator not only charts your dog’s age, it demonstrates how it changes as they grow. Dog age in human years used to get the one size fits all treatment, but not anymore. You’ve probably heard one human year equals seven dog years. That isn’t true. Wait – don’t Google ‘How old is my dog in human years?’ elsewhere because we’ve got you covered.

Dogs do age faster than us; that’s only natural given their shorter lifespans. But it’s not as basic as dividing the human lifespan by that of a dog. After all not all dogs have the same lifespans (more on this below).

In this article PD Insurance shows you how to check your dog’s age in human years.

How old is 1 in dog years?

Let’s say it’s your dog’s birthday and you’re wondering how old is one in dog years? If your pup is considered a small, medium or large dog breed, according to our dog age calculator their dog age in human years is 15.

But if they’re a giant dog breed (like a Saint Bernard) then their first birthday in human years means they’re turning 12. Awww. Speaking of which, here are some dog birthday cake recipes to help you and your dog celebrate.

Although your dog may be 15 (or 12) that doesn’t mean you double this number when they turn two. Read this next section to see why.

little boy celebrates his birthday with his dog whose age (5) in human years would be 36

Understanding dog age in human years

The old-school method for calculating a dog year in human years used to be multiplying the dog’s age by seven. But as we’ve mentioned, this method is (seriously) outdated. It doesn’t take into account the varying rates at which dogs age, something that ultimately comes down to their breed and size.

Something our dog age calculator chart does.

Yep, that’s right. Dogs age at different rates not only to one another but they also age at different rates within their own lifetime. In other words, a dog will age faster in the beginning (this explains zoomies). Then as they gain wisdom and years, their ageing process slows down.

This is similar to humans but it’s more exaggerated because, after all, a dog’s whole life may be packed into a mere decade or thereabouts. That’s why you want to make every one of those years count.

A woman plays with her dog and thinks about how funny it is that even though its only three years old in dogs years, its already the same age as her (28) in human years

How old is my dog in human years by breed and size?

You might (or might not) be surprised to hear that generally speaking, the smaller the dog, the longer its expected lifespan. Therefore, a good way to calculate dog age in human years is by the number of years, along with its size and weight.

Before checking out our dog age calculator chart (up next), you’ll need to know what your dog’s size is, according to its breed.

  • Small breeds. Small dog breeds like the Chihuahua, Maltese and Pug, for example, tend to have longer lives than big dog breeds.
  • Big breeds. Bigger breeds have accelerated growth spurts and ultimately shorter lifespans. Speaking of large, read about the biggest dog in the world!

Every recognised dog breed falls into one of seven dog groups (read about Australia’s most popular dog breeds for more on these seven groups). Dog group tells you about dog size too, generally. For example, dogs in the Toy group tend to be small dogs but those in the Gundog group are generally medium to large.

Check out the Queensland Dogs breeds info for size according to breed then check out our dog age calculator that charts dog age in human years. If you’re unsure what breed your dog is, read ‘What size will your puppy be as an adult?‘ You could consider a dog DNA test. If not, why not take a good guess?

Dog age calculator chart

So, how old is your dog in human years?

While we’ve thrown the one to seven year ratio for dog age in human years out the window, be assured the updated rule of thumb is that the first year of a dog’s life is roughly equivalent to 12 – 15 years.

After this the gap closes a bit and their second year is equal to about nine human years. By the third year and thereafter every dog year is calculated as roughly five human years with some give and take based on dog size.

Use the PD Insurance dog age calculator chart to work out your dog’s age in human years:

PD Pet Insurance Dog Age in Human Years Calculator

Dog lifespan and age according to health

Speaking of dog lifespan, it’s important to keep in mind this can vary based on the individual dog and its health. In fact, recently a dog made headlines for far surpassing its expected lifespan and becoming the oldest dog in the world.

To ensure your dog lives its best and fullest life, here are a couple of basic pointers:

While breed is a good way to calculate dog age in human years it’s also useful in terms of health forecasts. Knowing what your dog is more vulnerable to means knowing what safeguards to have in place.

For instance, the Labrador and German Shepherd are prone to hip dysplasia in dogs. IVDD is common in Dachshunds and brachycephalic breeds often experience brachycephalic obstructive airways syndrome (BOAS).

Make every dog year count

Now you how old your dog is in human years, make the best of those years with pet insurance. Pet insurance means you’ve got your dog’s back just like they’ve got yours.

With PD Insurance your pet is covered for hereditary conditions after the waiting period passes. This means that a broad range of genetic illnesses can be catered to – provided you get your plan before they develop.

With our month-to-month policy option, you’ll have total flexibility. That means no lock-in contracts and no cancellation fees. Buy your plan online and you’ll get one or more months of PD pet insurance FREE.

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