What You Should Know About Car Safety Recalls

There’s been significant talk about car safety recalls lately. Particularly the Takata airbag recall that continues to affect thousands of Australian cars.

It sounds scary, but not all recalls are dangerous and often take hardly any time to get resolved. Keep reading for the inside scoop to keep you driving safe.

What Are Car Safety Recalls?

Car safety recalls are notices that highlight an unintentional fault created during a vehicle’s manufacturing. This fault may impact the vehicle’s safety and compliance.

The notice identifies a solution that involves a replacement or repair conducted by the manufacturer free of charge.

These faults are typically minor and can be easily fixed, but occasionally there are more serious recalls that pose a greater danger and need immediate replacement.

For example, the Takata airbag recall is a mandatory notice because of a faulty passenger airbag that impacts the safety of a vehicle. The cars affected by this are required to have the airbag replaced, otherwise their vehicle will be considered unsafe.

Is My Car Affected by Car Safety Recalls?

You will be notified through the mail and/or phone call that your car has a recall, once your vehicle registration is found by the car company involved. This will include instructions on what to do next.

One of the most reliable place to check if your vehicle has a car safety recall is via the ACCC Product Safety website. This will show you information about notices based on the make and model of your car.

The vehicle manufacturer is also a good source and should have a relevant area for vehicle recalls on their website. Alternatively, you can inquire with their customer service line.

Car-related news channels and Facebook pages often share news about major recalls too.

What Happens Next?

Your vehicle safety recall notice will include information about the faulty equipment and what work will be required. It will also indicate how urgently you should act and will direct to your local car dealership that will perform the work.

Don’t let this slip your mind – motoring safety is important. Be conscientious and follow the prompts from your notice.

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