the grey nomad budget contains so many elements

Grey Nomad Budget Tips and Tricks – Part 3


You’ve likely read part one and part two of our grey nomad travel series and now you want to talk money. Your grey nomad budget is the final piece in the puzzle.


Time to embrace the minimalist lifestyle and learn how to live a frugal life full of freedom for longer. Read on…


Choose low cost campsites and events

Going off the grid and investing in solar panels, batteries and gas to give you more options when it comes to accommodation. You won’t be tied to campsites with amenities if you can be self-sufficient.


Check local council sites in each region so you can plan your arrival with a community event and have some fun for free. If you’re staying somewhere a while you might also want to join local community groups on Facebook/similar to learn about local news and events.


Remember to take note of any fire bans in place and leave each area just as you found it.


Eat smart

With limited storage on board it can be a challenge to plan and store meals, but eating out is expensive so best reserved for the odd occasion. When visiting a new area, keep an eye out for local produce (or ask around for recommendations) and only buy as much as you need.


You have plenty of time while you’re on the road so how about creating a meal planner. Then you’ll know what meals you’re having the vast majority of the time. It’ll help you steer clear of impulse and last minute grocery shopping, sticking to your grey nomad budget.


Track your pennies

When you’re travelling, it’s easy to let emotions rule over our expenditure. That’s why we love these budgeting apps. By taking the time to track your expenses you can allow yourself to splurge every now and then without feeling guilty or going without.


These are our faves:


As you can see, with some planning and tips, you can take your time and travel stress-free like a pro. Relax, unwind and enjoy the grey nomad budget lifestyle – you deserve it!


Be insured

The more time you spend on the road the higher the risk of a bingle. The odd dent and ding is fine, but what if it means time and money spent off the road while your vehicle is fixed?


If you want your grey nomad budget to last longer, seriously consider car insurance and roadside assistance.


Over to You – Grey Nomad Budget

Have you lived on the road before? How successful were you? What grey nomad budget tips did you learn? We’d love you to share below.


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