Six Easter Pet Photography Tips

this bull dog photography shoot uses easter balls and bows

It’s Easter! Tis the season for hot cross buns, family gatherings, and pets. The only thing as good as making happy memories is taking snapshots to remember them by. And of course, pets are the perfect subject matter. So, here are six cat and dog photography tips for your Easter Instagram post. 1. Set the … Read more

Dog Attacks: How to Help Prevent Them

If this dog attacks, its important to try uncover what the catalyst is.

There’ve been a number of dog attacks reported in the news lately. With 5.1 million dogs in Australia, dogs are our number one pet. We rely on them for companionship and security. So, when they bite a person – especially a child – it’s terribly sad. Incidents like these often happen in everyday situations, even in … Read more

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?