Are All Ginger Cats Male?

male ginger cat lying in sun

Are all ginger cats male? It’s a commonly persisting myth you’ve probably heard before. And while it’s based in fact, it’s not entirely true. But with Ginger Cat Appreciation Day just around the corner, we thought it was a good time to look at our autumn-hued cat friends in a little more detail.

Read on, ginger-lovers!

1 September: Ginger Cat Appreciation Day

Ginger Cat Appreciation Day happens on the 1st of September every year. Because these special orange-toned kitties deserve their very own day. Garfield would be proud, we reckon.

And now you know 1 September is dedicated to ginger felines, there’s no excuse not to celebrate your favourite ginger cat (male or not). Maybe a gift like a new bed or catnip toy? Or a day spent pampering your pet? You could even push the boat out with some homemade cat treats.

In honour of Ginger Cat Appreciation Day on 1st September, we wanted to get down to the nitty gritty behind ginger cats and why so many of them seem to be boys.

Are all ginger cats male?

Someone has definitely told you before at some point that all ginger cats are male. We’re not sure where exactly this idea started to gain traction, but it’s now a common misconception. And lots of people believe that all ginger cats are male. But it’s not true.

There are ginger female cats, but they’re far less common. For every female ginger, there’s around three ginger males. Cats, that is. So why are the ginger boys so much more common than the girls? Let’s find out…

Why are there more male ginger cats than female?

Ok, ready to go back to Biology class? We’ll try and keep it interesting, we promise!

Our genetics are responsible for our physical appearance. Your genes are why you have brown hair or green eyes. In animals, it can get complicated, especially when it comes to colour.

In cats, the ginger gene is found only in the X chromosome. Male cats have one X chromosome and females have two. So female cats need the ginger gene on both of their X chromosomes to be ginger, whereas male cats only need it once. In addition, the ginger gene comes in two variants. “O” produces the ginger pigment and ‘o’ doesn’t.

Because of this, ginger cat males could have a mother who is ginger, calico, or tortoiseshell mothers. But females need to have a ginger father as well as a mother who is ginger, calico or tortoiseshell.

So if you have a ginger female cat, they’ve hit the genetic jackpot!

Two young ginger cats (kittens) in basket

Ginger cats are tabbies – male and female

So now you know the answer to the “are all ginger cats male?” question.

But next time the topic comes up, you can impress people with your general knowledge. Because another cool fact is that ginger cats are always tabbies. They might not always appear it at first glance but if you look, you’ll find spots, strips, or whirls on their coats.

Some people mistakenly believe tabby is a breed, but it’s actually a coat type featuring agouti fur. That’s what makes the beautiful patterns of tabby cats! Every strand of fur has light and dark segments that catch the light differently.

Cat insurance for cats of all types

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How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?