Beagle Dog Facts & Personality Traits

This beagle dog has ample space to run and exercise at home - a good thing for this breed!

According to Roald Dahl’s well-loved novel Fantastic Mr Fox, the Beagle dog breed loves eating blueberries. Does anyone know if this is true (if so let us know further down in the comments)? As it happens the Beagle isn’t just a literary figure, but also a silver screen icon.

Who, you might ask? Snoopy, of course, Charlie Brown’s infallible sidekick. Clearly, we love Beagles!

And because we love them so much, we’ve compiled a bunch of Beagle facts (no mention of blueberries here)…

Origin of the Beagle dog breed

The Beagle dog breed is no newcomer to the world of pets. This breed can be traced back as far as 2,000 years ago to its origins in Greece. It later became a respected hunting dog in Britain and after that the house pet we know and love today as well. What a journey!

Beagle personality

Beagles are friendly and fun-loving with a superb and well-balanced temperament. In other words, they make great best friends. They also pack weight on the intelligence scale, and they’re social. Beagles are big foodies too; they love eating and have a healthy appetite.

Another throwback to their hunting pack days is that they get easily distracted by, and follow, smells. This can be so engaging for them that they’ll choose to seek out the smell over other stimuli. The run-off effect of this sociability is that they’re good with kids and other pets, making them everyone’s best friend!

On the flipside, this follow-their-nose tendency means that when heading to the beach, park or street for a walk, it’s best to pop them on a leash. Or your scent-driven pet may end up running off after some smell us humans can’t even pick a hint of a whiff of!

For this, check out our guide to dog leashes and leads. A long extendable leash may be a good choice for your Mr or Mrs B, as that way they can get to run and explore to a certain extent.

These two beagles dogs are loving having pet company.

Beagle physical features

Beagles have enormous stamina and need lots of regular exercise and ample space to run and play. They’re sturdy, strong and medium in size and they come in three colours:

  • Tri-colour – black, tan, and white 
  • Lemon – very light yellow-brown and white
  • Tan and white – yep

Tri-colour Beagles are the most common colour variation you’ll come across and all Beagles have a tail with a white tip. This is a breeding characteristic that helped make them easy to see when hunting out in the fields.

Despite their upbeat temperament, Beagles have a sort of Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh) look about them. It makes for great drama… a wagging tail with droopy ears and dark eyes that almost appear to have rings around them. Kind of like a scientist who’s been up for days, drinking espresso while formulating the latest breakthrough for a COVID-19 vaccination in pets.

This beagle baby is experiencing separation anxiety and needs more engagement.

Beagle health

Beagles live on average for 12-15 years and are usually healthy. However, the two things to keep in mind as a Beagle parent or would-be Beagle parent are:

1. Obesity

A Beagle’s penchant for eating can easily escalate to overeating if left unchecked. Map out a healthy diet with the correct food portions and figure out the right amount of exercise (read: how much exercise does a dog need). Obesity can lead to diabetes in dogs so get familiar with all of this plus its need for routine pet care.

2. Separation anxiety

Bred to be part of the pack, the Beagle isn’t just good as being friends with us, they need attention from either people or pets. Without a healthy daily dose of interaction, Beagles can experience separation anxiety. Work together with your bBagle on how much love and attention is enough for their health and wellbeing.

Regular check-ups and more for your Beagle dog

Other than these two factors mentioned above, your Beagle will need their vaccinations, de-worming, trick and flea treatments, and routine vet check-ups.

Consider dog insurance to alleviate a portion of these costs. With our Wellness Package add-on, you can also get cover for desexing, microchipping and vaccines!

And depending on the age of your Beagle, with us you can get up to two months of pet insurance free…

How would you, like to proceed?

How would you, like to proceed?