Caravan Travel Australia: The Best Destinations

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With international travel off the cards for the moment, a road trip has never looked so tempting. And caravan travel in Australia is hard to beat.

Of course, the scenery is incredible and the people are friendly (if we do say so ourselves). But when it comes to caravan as a method of travel it offers so many benefits.

For example, you’re completely in charge of your itinerary, can stay in one place for as long or little as you like, and don’t have any funny hotel rules to abide by. Plus, who hasn’t wished they could set up and sleep in just about any place they liked? There’s no need for pricey rooms with a view when your caravan has a window.

If you’re one of them, read our tips for road trip planning post pandemic then our Pro’s Guide to Caravan Holidays.

But when it comes to the best destinations, keep reading this. Here are our picks of the best roads for caravan travel in Australia this year.

The best Australian destinations for caravan travel

As with any caravan trip which takes you even slightly off the beaten track, a reliable 4×4 is recommended. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle and want it to pull your caravan anywhere and everywhere, check out our advice on the best towing cars in Australia.

As with any caravan trip which takes you even slightly off the beaten track, a reliable 4×4 is recommended. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle and want it to pull your caravan anywhere and (almost) everywhere, check out our advice on the best towing cars in Australia.

While you don’t always need an off-road caravan, it’s important that before you undertake any caravan travel in Australia, you understand any limitations your car and caravan might have.

Check your owner’s manual for any specifications and limitations around what your caravan can and can’t do. Make sure that you know whether your car is equipped for off-roading. Do some research on emergency repair kits to bring along. And if you’re still not sure, chat to the manufacturer or a knowledgeable mechanic.

But once you’re sorted and ready to set off, here’s where you (and your caravan) should be heading.

uluru in the red centre is an amazing spot for caravan travel

The Red Centre

Sometimes, ocean views and bustling cities just don’t cut it. When that sort of mood strikes, a trip to the Red Centre is in order. There’s the incredible world-famous Uluru and a list as long as your arm of famous sights, but we encourage you to venture out to the lesser-known spots too.

Wander in and out of Aboriginal art galleries, traverse the red dirt roads into quirky little towns, and marvel at the vast open spaces of the desert each night. Not to mention the sunsets – nothing compares to those.

Pro tip for caravan travel in Australia when it comes to the Red Centre: respect the rain. When it does rain in this part of the country, roads can deteriorate very quickly and flooding is a real risk. Don’t be a hero and try to drive through floodwater, and don’t tackle the roads when they’re really wet.

You will get stuck (or worse) and even if you don’t, progress will be very slow. Just sit back and wait for it all to pass! Read our tips for driving in wet road conditions.

the daintree rainforest is another local destination which is perfect for caravan travel

The Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest is one of Australia’s World Heritage Sites. It’s incredibly beautiful – so much so that it’s said to be the inspiration for the film Avatar. At over 150 million years old, it’s the oldest tropical rainforest in the world.

It’s not small either. The forest is larger than the entire city of Sydney. And the lush green forest floors and treetop canopies are bordered by fine white sands and clear waters.

So that means you can easily spend a few days here enjoying your surroundings without getting bored! Snorkel in the shallows, go jungle surfing on a zipline, chase waterfalls on hikes through the forest, or stop in at the Daintree Discovery Centre. Take some time to admire the variety of flora, fauna, and wildlife.

victoria's great ocean road is made for caravan roadtrip travels

The Great Ocean Road

Along with the (once) Twelve Apostles, you’ll be delighted by panoramic sea vistas and glimpses of whales and dolphins. You’ll also be able to take your time and enjoy everything else along the route: craft breweries, scenic hikes, chocolateries, restaurants serving up freshly grilled seafood, deserted bays and coves, and much more.

If this quintessential local adventure isn’t on your caravan travel in Australia itinerary, don’t you think it’s time to add it to your bucket list?

Slow travel with your caravan

The thing we love most about caravan travel in Australia is that you can go at your own pace. There’s no need to rush to your destination, and you can make your trip all about slow, purposeful travel. Ah, bliss.

Instead of breezing right past undiscovered gems on major roads, why not take your time to meander through them instead? South Australia, the Northern Territory and Western Australia both have some harder-to-reach towns which are off the tourist track. And you’ll be richly rewarded for making the effort to get there.

A long meander towards Coober Pedy (SA) with your caravan, perhaps? What about Litchfield National Park (NT) or Broome (WA)?

After all, they say that it’s about the journey. Not the destination.

caravan travel in Australia is all about confident planning of caravan holidays like this woman has done

Got adequate car insurance for the big trip?

Remember that you’ll need to make sure your trusty towing car is insured before you head off on your caravan travel adventures. If you do have an accident, you’ll want to know that your comprehensive car insurance is there to help.

PD Insurance offers roadside assistance too, for all our insurance members. So when you experience a car breakdown on a holiday we can help you out quick smart.

Why not get a quote?

Caravan travel destinations in Australia – over to you

What are your absolute favourite destinations to travel to with your caravan? We’d love more inspiration for our 2021 travels, so let us (and other fans of caravan travel in Australia) know over on our PD Insurance Facebook page.

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How would you, like to proceed?