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Black Cat Appreciation Day is here! August 17th’s long-celebrated international Black Cat Appreciation Day is all about paying homage to our midnight coloured felines. It’s also about dispelling negative myths that seem to tail them everywhere.

For example, you do not need to be a witch to own a black cat, nor are they bad luck… Mee-yowser, who on earth came up with that. Not a cat person, surely?

Actually, truth be told, maybe we all did. Because almost every nook and cranny of the globe has its own unique black cat fable, fairytale, or folklore. And while many paint black cats as the bad guys, some give them cred for being heroic bringers of good luck.

One thing we know for sure is that black cats (and all cats for that matter) are totally pawsome.

How did Black Cat Appreciation Day start?

This is apparently how the story goes… It all started with a beloved black feline beauty owned by a lady named June. Black cat Sinbad was June’s faithful companion from when she was 13 years old until she died aged only 33 years old. The pair’s 20-year-long bond was admired by family and friends alike.

June’s brother Wayne H. Morris decided to honour his sister with a day of memory. Because she’d been so close to Sinbad for so long, he declared August 17 Black Cat Appreciation Day.

A black cat is celebrated on Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black cat myths

In many parts of Europe, black cats are seen as bad omens. That’s because during the rise of monotheism (the belief that there’s only one God) and the eradication of Celtic Mythology, black cats were caught in the crossfire.

The Celts believed fairies could transform into black cats, bringing good luck. So in a bid to eradicate such mythology, black cats were condemned as bad luck.

It’s not all bad for black cats though; in many parts of the world they’re worshipped and even seen as bringing love, fortune and luck. In Ancient Egypt Bastet, the Goddess of motherhood is represented as a black cat. She is the protector of fertility, home, and childbirth, not to mention cats.

Find out why are black cats considered bad luck in this video:

Adopt on Black Cat Appreciation Day

According to research, black cats might be the animals that are adopted last. Whether or not this is true is another story. For example, as evidence shows, the AI algorithms we rely on for data sets are colour biased.

Animal welfare founder Christine Bayka tells the BBC black cats’ adoption rates are low because they don’t show up well in selfies. If you’re not getting a good selfie, we suggest reading these pet photography tips rather than bypassing a black cat in need of love.

If you’re looking to be a first time pet owner, August 17 Black Cat Appreciation Day may be something to consider. Shelters sometimes celebrate this occasion with special rates and more when you adopt a black cat.

Fun facts about black cats

Did you know that lighter fur is often the result of recessive genes? Sometimes recessive traits are more common, sometimes not – in the case of black cats, there are more of these than there are lighter coloured cats.

Here are some more fun facts about black cats:

  • Coat. A black cat’s coat colour comes from having deeper melanin
  • Eyes. Deeper melanin also results in most black cats having golden irises
  • Sun tanning. A black cat can get a red hue when it spends time in the sun
  • Whiskers. A black cat can have black or white whiskers
  • Paws. Just like their whiskers, black cats can have a variety of colour finishes for their paw pads, from black to pink or a combo
  • Breeds. The Bombay cat is a cat breed that is always black (read about different cat breeds and their personalities)
  • Wealthiest cat. Blackie the black cat inherited his owner’s estate and is the Guinness world record holder for wealthiest cat
Adopt a black cat on Black Cat Appreciation Day

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