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Hall of Fame: Our Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts For 2023


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As we bid farewell to another whirlwind year as a car and pet insurance provider that loves to blog, we’re recapping some of our most popular PD blog posts of 2023. Our top 10, in fact. This is your exclusive pass to discover what captivated our readers the most over the past twelve months.

From must-know car insurance insights to valuable pet parenting advice, these most read articles had many a website visitor clicking and scrolling to the end. So, grab a cuppa, get cosy, and let’s dive the posts that you, our dear readers, loved the most.

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#10 Most popular blog post: Meet the Cutest Dog Breeds on the Planet

Coming in at number ten most read blog post for 2023 is “Meet the Cutest Dog Breeds on the Planet.”

If you’re looking to melt your heart with adorable puppy pics, then you’ve got to check out this article. It’s all about the cutest dog breeds out there. We have to guess the parade of adorable, fluffy, and absolutely lovable pups is what shot this blog to our top ten. From tiny lap dogs to fluffy giants, you’ll get a glimpse of some breeds that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

And it’s not just about their looks; our blog post gives a sneak peek into their unique personalities too. Whether you’re thinking about adding a new furry member to your family or just love scrolling through doggy photos, this article is a treasure trove of cuteness and fun facts. Prepare for cuteness overload! 🐶💖

A yorkshire terrier dog resting on an orange rug in one of the most popular blog posts.

#9 Most popular blog post: How Many Cars Are There in the World?

Car enthusiasts and trivia buffs loved our number nine most read post: “How Many Cars Are There in the World?

This article tackles that massive question. It’s not just about spitting out a gigantic number; we delve deep into the fascinating world of global car statistics. You’ll get a glimpse into the exponential growth of cars worldwide and what it means in the bigger picture.

The article also touches on the impact of all these vehicles on our planet. It’s an eye-opener for anyone interested in cars, environmental impacts, or just cool global facts. A quick read, but it sure packs a punch with some surprising info! 🚗🌍📈

'What cars are made in Australia?' And the future of the Australian car market is dominating news headlines. The picture shows thousands of new cars parked in a massive parking lot.

#8 Most popular blog post: Does a Pet Cooling Mat Actually Work?

As the mercury rises, you might be thinking about how to keep your furry friend cool and comfy. “Does a Pet Cooling Mat Actually Work?” turned out to be a must-read over the past year. It walks you through the pros and cons of these nifty gadgets, helping you decide if they’re the right choice for your pet. You’ll get the lowdown on how they work and what to consider before buying one.

We’re not mat manufacturers so it’s not a sales pitch – the article gives you a balanced view so you can weigh up the good and the not-so-good. Perfect for making sure your beloved pet stays cool during those hot days, in a way that works best for both of you. 🐾🌞🧊

A small dog enjoying the comfort of a cooling mat.

#7 Most popular blog post: High Excess vs Low Excess: Which One’s Better?

The debate around whether to choose a high excess or a low excess turned out to be our seventh most read article in 2023.

High Excess vs Low Excess: Which One’s Better?” is a perfect read to clear up that confusion. It breaks down the pros and cons of choosing a high or low excess in your insurance policy. This is super useful if you’re trying to figure out what’s best for your budget and lifestyle.

Moreover, our post doesn’t just throw facts and figures at you. It helps you understand how your choice impacts your insurance over time. Whether you’re new to insurance or looking to make a change, this read is a solid way to make a more informed decision. It’s all about finding that sweet spot for your insurance needs! 💰🤔📝

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#6 Most popular blog post: How to Tell if a Dog is Purebred

Curious about whether your adorable pooch is a purebred? So were many of our readers.

How to Tell if a Dog is Purebred” is a handy guide that covers all the little details and signs you should look out for. It’s not just about looks; we explore other aspects like pedigree papers and genetic testing.

But the post isn’t all technical. It also talks about why it might (or might not) matter if your dog is purebred. It’s a great read for anyone who’s either looking to get a new dog or just interested in learning more about their furry friend’s lineage. 🐕🔍✨

A black and white schnauzer dog is standing in the grass in one of the top ten blog posts.

#5 Most popular blog post: Can Dogs Sleep Outside?

Ever found yourself wondering if it’s okay for your furry best friend or that adorable puppy to sleep outside? “Can Dogs Sleep Outside?” dives into the big debate about whether dogs and puppies should spend their nights outdoors. You’ll find it packed with insights and tips on what to consider before deciding where your pup should snooze.

The article isn’t just a simple yes or no answer. It explores various factors like breed, climate and safety that could influence your decision. Super helpful for any dog parent grappling with this question – give it a read for some peace of mind and happy, healthy puppers! 🐕🌙💤

A husky dog laying on the ground in the dark, featured in one of our top ten blog posts.

#4 Most popular blog post: What Cars Are Made in Australia?

Car buffs and Aussie enthusiasts loved this fourth most read blog post. “What Cars Are Made in Australia?‘ isn’t just a list; it digs into the history and current landscape of our country’s car manufacturing. You’ll be surprised by some of the iconic brands and models that have their roots in Australia.

It’s a cool read, especially if you’re keen on supporting local industries or just love knowing car trivia. You’ll come away with some neat info to share at your next BBQ or trivia night. Plus, it’s always fun to learn a bit more about the cars cruising our roads, isn’t it? 🚗

A view of traffic on a busy street, featured in the most popular blog posts.

#3 Most popular blog post: Use This Car Servicing Checklist to Get What You Paid For

Use this Car Servicing Checklist to Get What You Paid For” is for car enthusiasts too, along with anyone who’s ever felt a bit clueless at the mechanics. This article on car servicing is a real gem. It’s a personal checklist to ensure you’re getting exactly what you pay for when you take your car in for a service.

Whether you’re a seasoned car owner or new to the game, this read is a handy tool to ensure your vehicle gets the care it deserves. Definitely worth a look before your car’s next check-up! 🚗🔧

A man is putting a tire on a car in a garage while sharing his expertise in his top ten blog posts for automotive enthusiasts.

#2 Most popular blog post: Leaving Your Cat Home Alone: How Long is Too Long?

Ever wonder how long is too long to leave your kitty home alone? “Leaving Your Cat Home Alone: How Long is too Long?” is perfect for you. It dives into the big question of cat independence, helping you figure out the balance between your cat’s needs and your time away. You’ll get insights on what goes on in your cat’s mind and how to make their alone time safe and comfortable.

And it’s not just about the right timeframe for leaving them alone. The piece also touches on ways to keep your feline friend happy and entertained while you’re out. It’s packed with handy tips and thoughtful considerations, so no wonder it was the second most read article for 2023. 🐱💕

A cat curled up on a bed, featured in one our most popular articles.

#1 Most popular blog post: 3 Steps to Getting Wet Smells Out of Your Car

We bet you didn’t think a guide on getting stinky moist smells out of your car would be the most read article on our blog for 2023?

Neither did we!

3 Steps to Getting Wet Smells Out of Your Car” talks about that pesky dank smell in cars. You know, the one that just won’t budge after a spill or a rainy day with the windows down.

This article is your go-to guide on how to tackle that. It’s packed with handy, easy-to-follow tips on getting rid of that damp, musty odour in your car. It’s not just about making your ride smell nice; it’s also about how to maintain an odourless interior once the smell’s banished.

The article covers various methods on that, from natural remedies to more thorough cleaning techniques. Perfect for anyone who’s faced this smelly challenge and wants their car to smell fresh as new again. A must-read for keeping your car’s atmosphere just as inviting as its looks. 🚗💨🌿

A woman sneezing while driving a car, captured in one of the most popular blog posts.

So there you have it, our top ten blog most popular blog posts that captured readers’ hearts and minds. From pet care tips to car insurance facts, these posts represent the best of our blog.

Stay tuned for more insightful and engaging content this year and beyond 🐾💖

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