A Burmese cat that has lived for 15 years poses for a portrait

What is Special About Burmese Cats? Everything – Here’s Why


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Given the Burmese is such an intelligent, good looking, social butterfly it’s no surprise two of the most Googled questions it inspires are: how long do Burmese cats live and are Burmese cats hypoallergenic? Following on from that, there’s a lot of interest in where to buy Burmese kittens. We want to know too!

In this article, PD answers all the above questions and more. From the history, health and personality of this breed to those burning (into the keyboard) questions. Here’s what’s in store…

How long do Burmese cats live?

Burmese cats have a much longer lifespan than many other domestic breeds. In fact, the 28th oldest cat on the planet was a Burmese and an Aussie. Her name was Kataleena Lady and she lived in Melbourne until the ripe old age of 27.

Burmese cat lifespan is between 18 and 20 years on average, whereas the average lifespan of cats in general is around 15 years. Read more about how long cats live and some of the oldest cats on the planet.

a Burmese kitten lies on its back

What is special about Burmese cats?

What is special about Burmese cats, you ask? Everything. Besides how long Burmese cats live, they’re known for their unusual looks, high intelligence… and their vocal cords.

Starting with their looks, while most cats are slender with pointy tips this breed is renowned for being round. In other words, they have round feet, faces and ears!

When it comes to brains, this is a cat that got an added helping when it was invented. Burmese cats have above average intelligence and are well-known for learning tricks. Have a look at this cute kitty playing fetch:

Like Siamese cats, Burmese cats are famed for meowing a lot. They have the gift of the gab and like to talk. If you’re after a pet you can talk to (who talks back) this furbulous feline might be your ultimate bestie.

Do Burmese cats make good indoor pets?

Burmese cats make wonderful pets. They simply love everybody including kids and other pets. This is a confident breed that loves being playful and kitten-like well into its adult life.

In fact, their insatiable curiosity is one reason they can do better (read safer) as indoor cats.

While simply being near you is enough for some breeds that won’t do for your Burmese best friend. This is a cuddlesome cat that needs to give and get affection. Not only do Burmese cats make good indoor pets, their snuggly sensibility means sleeping with your cat in bed is a great idea.

Can Burmese cats be left alone?

Burmese cats are highly engaging felines that love spending quality time with you. They prefer not to be left alone for stretches at a time, hence separation anxiety in pets is a watchword for this breed. If you work from home then your search for where to buy Burmese kittens is an appropriate one.

On the other hand if you spend stretches away from home but are still keen to buy a Burmese, then the answer to one or two kittens is probably the latter. Be sure to get yours some great toys and scratching posts to keep them active when you’re not at home. Burmese cats live their best lives when they’re not bored.

Here are some great interactive cat gifts to keep your Burmese cat’s active mind entertained.

a stocky round faced Burmese cat poses for a pic

Breed history

The history of how domestic cats came to exist is fascinating and so is the Burmese cat’s tale. Like the Burmese Mountain Dog and Burmese Python, you guessed it – this breed originates in Burma.

While the breed began its journey near the Thai-Burma border it was later developed in America and Britain into the cat we love and know today.

The matriarch of this breed is a cat named Wong Mau who’s thought to be the ancestor of all Burmese cats. Her owner was a navy doctor named Joseph Thompson who took her to America. It was here that Wong Mau met the love of her life, who incidentally happened to be a Siamese cat.

Together they were the pair that started the Burmese cat family. A-meowsing!

Burmese kittens sit together to pose for a portrait by someone who wants to buy one of them

Where to buy Burmese kittens

The most important tip on where to buy Burmese kittens is finding an ethical breeder. Like finding an ethical dog breeder, the best route is to go with one who’s recognised and registered with a cat fanciers association (also known as a cat breed registry).

We’ve listed several Australian cat fanciers associations in our article on purebred cats.

The benefits of buying Burmese kittens from a trusted breeder are twofold. Firstly, you won’t be supporting scams such as pet theft or inhumane breeding programs. Secondly, a reputable breeder will do a set of health tests and screen the parents before breeding them. Good breeders want their Burmese cats to go to responsible, attentive homes that put in the legwork so they live healthy, happy lives.

Getting off on the right footing when they’re a kitten means a much greater chance at living a long life of wellbeing. Watch the PD vet vlog for Dr Cath’s ethical breeder checklist:

Are Burmese cats hypoallergenic?

So you’re on a mission to find out where to buy Burmese kittens. Hopefully the above has helped. But wait – now for the big question (OK, for some and not others)… Are Burmese cats hypoallergenic? Unfortunately the answer is no.

That said, it’s worth mentioning no cat is ever completely hypoallergenic. Though some do produce less of the enzyme that causes allergies than others. Read our rundown of what’s what when it comes to hypoallergenic cats.

What health issues are they prone to?

On the topic of allergies, Burmese cats can be prone to asthma. This breed is also prone to diabetes. When it comes to answering how long do Burmese cats live, consider diet, health and lifestyle. Ensure you give your cat a balanced and nutritious diet to help safeguard their health.

Also consider getting them a cat insurance plan. PD offers three pet insurance plans that can help you cover the costs of diagnosis, treatment and medication for all kinds of health issues, from illnesses, injuries and beyond.

Get it before any health conditions arise so your pet is properly covered. Click below to get a quote today.

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