Th oldest dog in the world is a Rafeiro do Alentejo dog breed

How Old is The Oldest Dog in the World?


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* UPDATE: Bobi died in late October 2023 😔 ………….. Did you know the oldest dog in the world recently celebrated his 31st birthday? That’s woofing amazing! This grand old pooch is named Bobi and he’s a Rafeiro do Alentejo dog breed. These breeds aren’t known for having the longest lifespan for dogs, so this is pretty impressive. (Besides the oldest dog, the oldest dog breed is the Saluki).

In this article PD is sharing some top facts on what breeds have the longest lifespan for dogs. We’ll also tell you a bit about how Bobi celebrated his 31st (hint: there were dancers and good food). Then find out more about the oldest dog breed and which dog breeds have longer lifespans. Plus we’ll share some tips for helping your dog or cat have a happy longer lifespan.

Here’s what’s in store:

What is the oldest dog alive ever?

Not only is Bobi the Rafeiro do Alentejo the oldest living dog in the world today but he’s also the oldest dog ever to have lived. Bobi lives in Portugal with his owner Leonel (who was just eight years old when Bobi was born).

This pawsome pup has far outlived the expected lifespan for this dog breed. The Rafeiro do Alentejo dog breed generally lives between 12 and 14 years while dogs in general live between 10 to 13 years.

Bobi is a social dog – he’s friends with all the animals and humans in his family. He’s a super calm pup, having grown up freely roaming the nearby forests. Watch this video to see Bobi playing with his cat friends:

Did Bobi the world’s oldest dog turn 31 years old?

Yes! Born on 11 May 1992, Bobi the dog celebrated his 31st birthday in style. Over a hundred guests attended with friends and family flying in from around the world for the auspicious occasion. A dance troupe performed and Bobi was even included in one of the dances.

As per the norm, Bobi ate the meat and fish dishes just like the guests did. That’s because his diet has always been unseasoned human food.

Guinness World Record’s oldest dog

As the oldest living dog and the oldest dog ever to have lived, Bobi is the current Guinness World Record holder for world’s oldest dog. Paws up! (If you work it out in human years, Bobi is around 200 years old).


As the new Guinness World Record holder, Bobi dethrones a little Chihuahua named Spike who previously held the record for oldest dog living.

Spike was already 10 years old when his owner Rita found him abandoned in a parking lot. He came home with her and has been loving life ever since. The little guy with a big name and personality is a ripe old age of 23 years.

Oldest Aussie dog

The title of oldest living dog is always changing as dogs bless our different owners’ lives over time. One noteworthy dog that held the title is Bluey, a speckled Australian cattle dog who lived for 29 years and five months. In dog years, that would be a whopping 151!

Bluey lived in Victoria and spent her years herding cattle and sheep. Sadly, in her ripe old age she eventually needed to be euthanised. Read more on when putting a pet to sleep is humane.

Living the life, longer

What do all three of these Guinness World Record holders have in common? They each enjoyed farm life away from the bustling city. That means getting to stroll around and interact with lots of different types of animals. However, the secret to their lasting youth remains much of a mystery. If only we could ask them…

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The Saluki is the oldest dog breed in the world

Oldest dog breed

Do you know the Saluki dog breed? It’s the oldest dog breed and has purportedly been around since 329 BC. Now that’s what you call a golden oldie! Speaking of gold, this breed of dog emerged in Egypt. In fact, these dogs held a special place in the hearts and on the laps of the Pharaohs and were even mummified after death.

Here are some fast facts about the oldest dog breed around:

Lifespan 12 – 14 years
Coat Smooth
ColoursCream, fawn, gold, red, tan, white
Height58 – 71 cm
Other namesArabian hound, Gazelle hound, Persian greyhound
This Chihuahua and other small canines tend to be the breeds of dog that grow the oldest

What breeds have the longest lifespan for dogs and why?

Speaking of the oldest dog in the world, what breeds have the longest lifespan for dogs? A range of factors contribute to this and while there are some generalisations, of course, it also depends on the individual dog.

Here are a couple of key factors that contribute to breeds that have the longest lifespan for dogs:


Generally speaking little dogs live longer than bigger dogs. Bigger dogs like the Saint Bernard or Labrador live to around 10 years whereas little guys like the Dachshund and Chihuahua will very likely experience being teenagers and even reach their twenties.


However, as Bobi who is a Rafeiro do Alentejo, which is a big dog breed, shows anything’s possible. When it comes to what dogs have the longest lifespan the answer isn’t always breed. Besides genetics, it can come down to the exercise, diet and overall well-being an individual companion animal has throughout his or her life.


Of course, there are many hereditary and congenital conditions in dogs. If you’re buying a purebred dog the best way to avoid an unhealthy puppy is buying from an ethical breeder. That’s because they do several health checks on mum and dad before letting them produce a litter and they take wonderful care of their litters. Read about finding an ethical dog breeder.


When it comes to food, there’s no truer saying than you are what you eat. Be sure to feed your cat or dog a healthy and balanced diet according to their breed, lifestyle, age and life stage. Look for a good quality food that meets AAFCO standards and can cater to your kitten, puppy, dog or cat, and change it to suit their needs as they grow.

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Award winning insurance for the oldest and youngest of dogs

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