This cat mum is learning how to speak cat.

How to Speak Cat and Be Understood


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Have you ever wondered how to speak cat? Maybe you’re already fluent (really?!) Or maybe you’ve been considering taking classes. For any proud cat parents, or cat parents to be, look no further.

In this article, we aim to provide you with a one-stop learn how to speak cat fast guide in a matter of minutes. After reading this, you could be on your way to being a-meowsingly fluent in cat, and maybe even well spoken.

But don’t ask us, ask your cat! After you read this first…

Learn how to speak to your cat in under 15 minutes

This article is all about you understanding and speaking to your cat. If you’re struggling to understand your cat speaking to you, then read cat body language; cats are purrdy great communicators…

How to speak well is easy if you understand this kittens body language,

How to say I love you in cat?

Saying I love you in cat is the ultimate launch pad for fluent communication. You may discover all kinds of ways your cat already tells you how much they love you. Now you can reciprocate.

Here are six ways to say ‘I love you’ in cat:

  1. Blink slowly (here’s what the slow blink means)
  2. Rub your cheek or forehead against theirs
  3. Cat massage (rub from head to tail and under the chin)
  4. Stroke your cat when they lick you
  5. Meow back (try emulating your cat’s particular meows)
  6. Sleeping with your cat in your bed (it’s mutually beneficial)

If your cat’s afraid or stressed out, saying I love you can help make them feel calm. Read separation anxiety in pets for more great tips. And if you’re all about the love, here are 10 ways to pamper your cat.

How to understand your cat?

Firstly, understand that your cat is not a dog. This might sound like we’re stating the obvious but consider this major shift in communication. A dog tells you what they want, whereas a cat might want you to ‘read them’ and figure out how they’re feeling…

There are probably lots of cat cues you’re already responding to without even realising it. We’ll give you the upper paw by fast tracking a few more.

Here are some cute ways to show your cat you understand their needs:

  • Car purrs. Know that your cat has not one but several purrs. Read a cat’s purr to understand and tell them apart.
  • Pet wishes. Your cat wishes you’d love them in these 10 ways: Love your pet.
  • Care needs. Cats are infinitely wise and know when you’re really dedicated to being a great pet parent. Find out how with routine pet care.
  • Parental insights. Read these tips to be the perfect pet parent.
  • New kittens. New kitten’s needs are unique. Find out everything you’ll need to be prepared for your new kitten.
  • Quirky kitty. Understanding cat behaviour helps you decipher those feline quirks.
  • Cat gifts. Choose out of these cat gifts to make your kitty the ultimate happy furkid this season. Plus check out the unique PD Insurance discount codes.

Can you feel your cat dictionary swelling up – you’re already becoming an expert in cat speak! Also explore why do cats lick you (the answer is bound to be interesting)! Also explore reasons your kitty cat follows you around.

What is my cat’s personality?

This question can also read ‘what breed is my cat?’ This is not a trick question. Also, we’re pro any cat, regardless of what breed they are or aren’t. (Read about purebred cats, pros, and cons). The reason we ask is because if you know your cat is a particular cat breed, this carries oodles of genealogical data.

For example, some breeds like working out, but others prefer the chill. Also, you’ll find some cats are all about the gossip whereas others may be the shy introvert side of things.

If you’re keen on finding out these breed traits, read about some popular breeds here:

Anyhoo, these aren’t strict parameters, because every cat also just has their own caternality (yes, we made that word up). These breed insights are just going to give you that little bit of an edge in understanding more about cats and their needs.

This cat wants their owner to learn how to speak cat.

How to speak cat with quality cat insurance

Has your cat asked you for a cat insurance pawlicy? Nah? Well, not to worry, speaking cat means taking the prerogative with your cat’s health and wellbeing. And with such affordable and easy to use online pet insurance it’s out with the furballs in with the furry tale.

If you’ve wondered is PD insurance is good for pet insurance, wonder no more!

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