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Your Guide to a Pet Friendly Diwali 2022


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Diwali 2022 in Australia is sure to be a fun-filled experience with lots of fireworks, food and events planned. There are plenty of family friendly events that are free to the public taking place across the country. But as we prep to celebrate this festival of lights, let’s bear in mind our cats and dogs don’t enjoy Diwali fireworks as much as we humans do.

As with New Year’s Eve, the loud bangs, bright lights, decorations and food we love can be scary and sometimes dangerous to pets. They have super-sonic senses but don’t operate social media accounts or read the news so they don’t know to expect what’s coming.

That makes the sensory overload all the scarier. But there are certainly ways to help our cats and dogs have a pet friendly Diwali. More below.

Diwali 2022 fireworks

The festival of lights can be too loud for pets

Fireworks are incredibly beautiful, and since Diwali is also called the festival of lights we can expect some magnificent fireworks displays. However, the beauty of this is lost on pets – and understandably so.

Pets have several legit reasons not to enjoy loud bangs and smoke. Knowing what these are can help bring you one step closer to safeguarding them well. We’ll get more into that further down.

Why cats, dogs and Diwali fireworks don’t gel

Here are several reasons why fireworks cause pets anxiety:

  • Stronger senses. As we mentioned, both cats and dogs hear better than humans. Their hearing has evolved to pick up sounds that to us may not be audible at all. They’ve used this sense for thousands of years to scout out prey in the undergrowth or evade predators on their trail. Just imagine what that means when an unexpected BOOM happens. Simply put, Diwali fireworks are too loud for a pet’s ears.
  • No forewarning. Again, we humans talk as we plan our events and celebrations. If you’re attending Diwali 2022 events, no doubt you’ll tell and go with family or friends. But cats and dogs aren’t part of this news conversation and can’t know to expect a sudden LOUD BANG!
  • Fireworks are unpredictable. Adding to the lack of forewarning, Diwali fireworks can happen at unexpected intervals and from different directions. For animals with finely tuned senses, this leaves them no pattern or logic to work with. They can’t follow the trail or sound and work out when or where it’s coming from. To them the smell of a fireworks display can be utterly overwhelming (perhaps like inhaling extinguished matches up close). Fireworks are often made using a combination of charcoal, potassium nitrate and sulphur – causing an unnatural and alarming smell for pets.

Cats and dogs can go missing during big fireworks celebrations

Like most annual celebrations, Diwali 2022 is fun for us but can cause pets to get disoriented and sometimes bolt as their flight or fright response kicks in. Big annual celebrations with lots of noise and bright lights are oftentimes when animal rescues see the highest number of lost pets.

In the US, for example, cats and dogs go missing on the 4 July more than any other day. As we anticipate the Diwali 2022 fireworks displays, let’s prep our pets as best we can. Let’s help them feel safe and protected.

Diwali 2022 fireworks can scare dogs and cats

How to protect cats and dogs from Diwali fireworks

As pet parents, protecting pets should be uppermost on our minds. Yes, we’d like to get front row seats to the Diwali 2022 fireworks display, but furst things furst…

Keep pets away from Diwali fireworks

Ideally you can ensure your cat or dog is nowhere near the fireworks display. Even if that means sending them off to a mate or family member for a pet-sit. Better to be safe than sorry. This is especially important if a Diwali 2022 event is happening near your home because the last thing you want is a missing pet.

Create a pet sanctuary

If that’s out of the question, then make them a safe space at home. There are plenty of things you can do to drown out external sounds and smells. For example, choose a room in your house where your pet can retreat. Close the door, and windows, draw the curtains and play soft music. Build a bed of cushions and give your pets toys, clothes you’ve worn and consider trying out calming pet pheromone sprays.

Read our double guide on pet safety and fireworks and fireworks and keeping pets safe. You know your cat and dog don’t like fireworks and they’ll appreciate the effort you put in on upping your knowledge.

sweetmeats for the Festival of Light

Diwali 2022 sweetmeats and pets

What’s not to love about savoury treats and sweetmeats? Because of course, the festival of lights is also the festival of flavours!

Diwali 2022 just wouldn’t be the same without some appetising samosas or syrupy Gulab Jamun and the list goes on… What about some sev-chivda, kaju barfi, chakli, rasmalai, coconut Barfi, sandesh, phirni and dahi bhalla.

Unfortunately what’s good for the human isn’t always good for the cat or dog. As you tuck into a sugary, salty or fatty treat, be sure your cat or dog isn’t smuggling a bit or two on the side. Ingredients like these simply aren’t healthy for pets. On top of this ingredients like raisins and xylitol have the potential to be fatal for pets (read up on xylitol and dogs to find out why).

Unfortunately, these treats are all high in sugar, salt and fat and aren’t good for your fur kids to eat. Here’s a list of some of the things that can poison your pet for you to keep out of reach and locked away.

DIY Diwali treats for dogs and cats

DIY Diwali 2022 treats for pets 

Not to worry, we’d never leave our pets out of the fun. There are plenty of dog and cat safe recipes that you can tail-or for Diwali 2022. Some of them are even fun to eat for humans, which means you and your pet can both snack on the same goodies!

Here’s a list of Diwali 2022 treats for pets:

A flower rangoli with sweets, mithai and diya in bowls for Diwali 2022 . Make sure to read up on dogs and fireworks and keeping your pets safe during the Diwali fireworks.

More pet-friendly Diwali 2022 tips

Since pets are family too, you’ll want as many ways to keep them happy during Diwali 2022 as possible. And besides food and fireworks safety there are ways a-plenty!

Here’s a list of some of the ways to keep pets happy during celebrations:

  • Like any celebration, Diwali is a festival of food, friends and family both out and about and often at home. If you’re having guests over to celebrate, don’t force your pet to socialise with people they don’t know. The sights, sounds and smells of visitors can be a sensory overload for pets. Instead, let them retreat to that sanctuary you’ve designed for them and come say hi when they’re ready and willing.
  • Remember that crackers and decorations aren’t only dangerous during Diwali 2022 festivities. If your cat or dog happens to curiously sniff and accidentally ingest burnt crackers, decorations or lanterns these could do them harm. Besides any toxins they may contain, pets that ingest or choke on them may be in serious danger. Accidental ingestion is among the most common claim types with PD Insurance.
  • As much as Diwali is a festival of light and flavours it’s also a festival of deep vibrant colours. The colourful powders used to make decorative rangoli patterns contain chemicals that may be harmful to pets. Safeguard your cat or dog by opting for all-natural powders like rice flour powders and take care with using flower petals. If you are using petals, steer clear of azalea, daffodil, iris, hyacinth and tulip petals as these are toxic to animals. Read more on plants that are toxic to pets.

Here’s a look at an impressive peacock rangoli pattern for Diwali 2022:

This festival of lights is a festival for dogs too 

If you’re planning on attending any of the amazing events the Hindu council of Australia has planned, spare a thought for Rover. Besides taking onboard your pet’s safety, remember that in times gone by Diwali also included dogs!

In Nepal and the Indian states of West Bengal and Sikkim Diwali is called Deepawali or Tihar. The second day of the five-day Tihar festival is called Kukur Tihar and is in celebration of our best friend, the dog!

India is an especially auspicious country to mention when it comes to dogs as they’re considered sacred animals in Hindu mythology. Read this ‘Dog Breeds from India – from the Pariah to the Pandikona‘ to learn more.

Dogs are honoured and decorated with sandalwood paste decorations on their foreheads and flowers. They’re even prayed to and, of course, get some treats. In Hinduism (and beyond) dogs are sacred animals that should never be harmed or killed.

Perhaps another way to celebrate Diwali 2022 is to donate to or volunteer at a shelter. Read our National Pet Day article for what types of things and assistance shelter benefit from most. After all, the festival of lights is about the victory of truth over evil so let’s light the paths of more pets on the road to safety.

Festival of lights is also called Tihar or Deepavali and day two is about celebrating dogs

The best gift this Diwali 2022

Big annual celebrations like the festival of light are a natural part of life, just like protecting pets. Diwali 2022 is a great reminder that pets are vulnerable and do rely on our foresight and planning to help them stay safe and happy.

This Diwali, why not celebrate your pet by giving them a pet insurance plan that rocks. Our award winning PD Pet insurance covers your cat or dog for a wide range of possible health issues, from accidents to illnesses to allergies, hospitalisation and more.

It also protects your pockets in other ways. If, for example, your pet runs away during loud fireworks and manages to damage someone else’s property or even bites them in fear, you could face hefty bills. Our pet plans also provide third party liability cover to help pay for that, as long as your pet doesn’t have a history of aggression.

Get one or months of FREE cat insurance or dog insurance when you purchase a policy online. Click below for more.

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