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Help a Shelter Cat for Hug Your Cat Day


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Like cats themselves, Hug Your Cat Day is shrouded in mystery. No one quite knows who started it, why or when. But most of us cat mums and dads (or those hoping to become one) know it’s a great idea.

And sure, not all cats are into hugs. You get cats that are all about huggles (hugs and snuggles) and those that prefer just to be near you rather than you dare touch them for too long. Shelter cats can fall into the latter cat-egory given their often traumatic history… so…

For this Hug Your Cat Day we’re rounding up five ways you can make a shelter cat’s life better. It’s easy as purr.

Hug Your Cat Day, 4th June

This year, Hug Your Cat Day happens on a Saturday. That gives most of us all the time in the world to hang out with our feline friends. Did you know June is also Adopt a Shelter Cat Month? This brings us to our number one point.

#1. Adopt a cat

Adopt a cat on Hug Your Cat Day

With about 3.8 million pet cats in Australia, it’s clear we Aussies love our pawsome purrers. However, the sad truth is that there are still many unwanted cats and kittens behind bars in shelters. While animal shelters hope to keep them safe for a smooth passage into a loving pet parent’s arms, not every cat has this hope fulfilled.

Unfortunately shelters are overwhelmed with abandoned, lost and abused pets and many get put to sleep. They could be adult moggies or purebred cats, though many are kittens. There’s no reason they shouldn’t all get a second chance but sometimes shelters run out of space and these kitties run out of time.

That’s why one of the top ways to help a shelter cat for Hug Your Cat Day is to bring them home and hug them as your own. Find out how to get ready to adopt a cat and read why adopting an adult cat has its perks.

#2. Foster a cat

Australian woman fosters a cat for Hug Your Cat Day

If you can’t commit to permanent pet parenting just yet (but would love to) fostering can make a big difference too. Fostering is a way to spend time with a furry companion while they’re waiting to find their furever home.

Sometimes kittens are still too young to be separated from mum, in which case you could foster a furry family. Other times cats have had a medical procedure like an operation and need to be cared for while they convalesce before getting adopted.

Whatever the reason, fostering a cat in the name of Hug Your Cat Day could change a feline’s life for the better. Read more to help you decide whether you should foster a dog or cat.

#3. Visit a cat café

Visit a cat café on Hug Your Cat Day

An awesome way to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day is to visit a cat café. (Although best we mention you generally aren’t supposed to touch cats at cat cafés unless they come to you.) Many cat cafés partner with animal welfare organisations. So by spending time and a bit of money there, you’re showing support.

They’re great places to spend time with cats and usually you can get a bite to eat or a cup of coffee. If you’re thinking of adopting, many cat cafés facilitate this process. First, they provide a safe space to get to know a meowser so you can lock hearts before jumping in and making the commitment.

Read our article ‘what is a cat café anyway?’ to find out more.

#4. Donate to a shelter

Donate to a cat shelter or spend time as a volunteer

Animal shelters have people working around the clock. There are resident vets and staff who care and feed the shelter cats and dogs, plus plenty of unpaid team members. You could lend a helping hand as a volunteer delving into daily care.

If it’s not time you want to donate, you can also give the gift of much needed food and other supplies for Hug Your Cat Day. Though don’t drop off just any unwanted goodies, some are suitable, others not. Read our National Pet Day article for best items to donate to shelters.

There are plenty of other supportive roles you could fill too. Just like any business or organisation, shelters need people to complete admin and assist with marketing. You could get involved by taking photos or doing social media posts and helping spread the word.

While we’re celebrating Hug Your Cat Day, it’s worth knowing many Aussies are reluctantly giving up a pet to a shelter because of the effects of COVID on their lives. Even if you can’t take a cat to home to hug, donating to shelters is as good as a much needed long-distance hug for these sad pet parents.  

5#. Give the gift of pet insurance

Nothing spells *hug* quite like the reassurance of protecting someone you love. Give your cat an open-ended hug with a cat insurance plan.

It’s the embrace that says I love you and I will make sure that if you’re sick or injured, I can give you the medical care you need. And I can give it to you without worrying about how much it costs so that there’s no delay.

Why wait a moment longer – when you sign up you get FREE pet insurance for one or more months. Click below to get an obligation-free quote.

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